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Bring an L shape sofa this Navratri : Elevate the look and feel of your home decor

  • 2016/10/01
  • 1017
Bring an L shape sofa this Navratri : Elevate the look and feel of your home decor

L shape sofa is the highest searched sofa this quarter. L shape is basically a combination of a three seater and a two seater sofa which is aligned with a corner seat. This makes the form of a semi-rectangle, also known as L shape. L-shaped sofas have gained a market momentum as people are searching for a fresh look to give their home decor the best look. This also allows accommodating more people in less space, which eventually renders a more optimized look to the house.

Choosing an L shape has its consideration. A person choosing an L shape sofa has to look various factors which include the size, fabric and the wood used in the manufacturing of the L shape.

L shape not just elevates the aura and feel of your living room, it also allows you to exercise your creativity. Ideas are only beneficial when they are materialized. With customization available for all aspects, your creative buds are the only limit for your L shape sofa.

We introduce you to some of our best sellers this Navratri.

1.Colman L Shape Sofa Set

Colman L shape Sofa

The Colman l shape sofa caters to design purists. Colman serves people who want to have a chic and contemporary L-shape sofa without any specific decor. This sofa is designed to match every decor as this is designed with a neutral language which blends with all the home decor. This type of sofa can be procured when the home decor needs a new look. Adding up a neutral tone sofa also adds up the required space in the home decor.

2. Martine L Shape Sofa

Martine L shape Sofa

Martine is designed to stay ahead of other furniture in your home in rendering comfort. This sofa boasts an extensive cushion comfort built right into the frame.

Martine is designed for people who like their sofas to serve them unprecedented comfort. This also allows the consumer to have a comfortable sofa which engulfs the person sitting on it which makes the experience delightful. After a tiring day at work, this sofa comes to the rescue by offering a soft, encapsulating feel. People wanting to have a nice, comfortable time with their friends and family should have a look at it.

3. Alley L Shape Sofa Set

Alley L shape Sofa

Alley L-shaped is designed for people who love to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy some serene time. A sofa is a place where people and ideas come together. A place where you can have your deserving nap after toiling for the whole day, watching your favorite flick with a bag of popcorn. Also, some people are book lovers, for them, it serves unparalleled comfort and space to complete that book. Alley is designed to serve with the best design which escalates the overall feel and look of your home decor.

4.Mckellen L Shape Corner Sofa Cum Bed Fabric Sofa Set

Mckellen L shape Sofa

Mckellen L shape sofa is ahead of time. This corner sofa is designed to cater to people who love multi-functionality in their products. A sofa is primarily used for comfortable sitting. A sofa is designed to accommodate guest and make them feel at home. But what if the guest is very special and it looking for an overnight stay. This is where Mckellen takes the cake. It offers an opportunity to turn the sofa into the bed. Just pull the bed and voila, this sofa turns into a comfortable bed offering your guest a comfortable bed to take a nap.

Sofa is not just a piece of furniture to take a nap. They are one integral part of the home decor and offer an exquisite look in your home. By filling up the corner space with an umpteen sofa, this is one way to render a fresh look. Corner spaces can either be filled with a cabinet or an L shape. If you are not running out of storage, get an L shape to render that perfect look and make your home decor envious.

So bring home an L shape sofa this Navratri. Enjoy nine days of eternal bliss, play garba , offer prayers and escalate your home decor by getting a L shape sofa at the best price.

Happy Navratri to you and your family from the team of woodenstreet.

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