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Embellish Your Bedroom With A Dressing Table Suiting Your Style

  • 2017/08/16
  • 325
Embellish Your Bedroom With A Dressing Table Suiting Your Style

Beautifying herself is a woman's favourite hobby; the most important task rather. But what aids in glorifying is a stylish dressing table. Even a descent bedroom is incomplete without a smart dressing table. Just getting one is not enough, bringing the one that suits your style and perfectly blends with the interior of the bedroom is essential. Afterall, it is that one furniture which besides enriching the look of the room, aids you to add up to your charm too. Options are many but making the right choice is in your hands. So, why not get a one that flaunts your style in the best possible way. Here are a few examples of different dressing table designs that successfully transforms the ambience of a place:

1. The Vintage Style:

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The vintage furniture with an incredible aura adds a different charm to a place. If you love the old-world charm, the Allen dressing table with a curved surface and textured drawers is the perfect one for you. You can complete this stand out piece with an Allan double bed and a bedside table.

2. The Contemporary Style:

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The present day woman needs everything at hand. With changing lifestyle, the needs have changed, and people demand more functionality even in the furniture like dressing tables. A dressing table supplemented with a chest of drawers serves the purpose. It gives a classy feel and an immense storage where all the nitty-gritty like after bath creams and essentials like jewellery can be stored.

3. Traditional Style:

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You will find the wooden material used in most of the traditional furniture you see. Such furniture can add an aesthetic appeal to your place. You can go for a wooden dressing table having patterned drawers to complement the traditional look of your bedroom.

4. A Minimal one:

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If your small room doesn't afford a huge dressing table, you can go minimal. Various options for a minimal style dressing table are present. The descent tables can fulfil your requirements giving an elegant touch to your place.

5. The Long Mirrored one:

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The last minute glance at the whole dress up is essential for most. A dressing table with a long mirror looks stunning in the bedroom. It forms a statement piece. Opulent and glamorous, it bounces back the light and your reflection allowing you to have an uninterrupted look.

6. A Three Way Mirror:

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This again forms a classic example. The three way mirrored dressing table looks charming. Complemented with a stool and made with the wooden frame, it can give a royal tinge to a place. If you are looking for something different, going for this style can work well.

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