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Embrace Ultra Violet – Voted Colour Of The Year 2018

  • 2017/12/12
  • 369
Embrace Ultra Violet – Voted Colour Of The Year 2018

Every year we all wait for the last month’s announcements by popular magazines and institutes with bated breath. Pantone, opening new vistas in the designing world, has declared ultra violet as the Colour of the Year 2018. We all are mighty psyched about the newer horizons this would open in the world of interior designing. Infuse some drama and magic into your lives by incorporating this bewitching mystical colour in your interiors.

Wooden Street asked their experts to share their insight on this new trend and how you can use this colour in your interior and what furniture would ideally look best with it.

1. Small Scale changes

If you want to fashion your interiors as per the Colour of the Year 2018, but are not quite sure how it would look in your home, start small.

1) Buy a shiny vase or a chandelier in the Ultra Violet colour to make your rooms pop.


2) If you’ve cold feet about it, then go and buy cushion covers in the ultra violet hue to optimize the look on your sofa. Cushion covers are no big deal and they will give you an idea on whether you want more of the colour of the year in your home or not.

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3) If you want, you can start with your curtains and make your pastel coloured walls beam with the contrast.

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If you think you like this colour in your interior, you can now redesign your home and welcome 2018 in a luxe style.

2. Inspiration for Living Room

The colour ultra violet has been chosen as the Colour of the Year 2018 because it cheers eccentricity and is “dramatically provocative and thoughtful”. This colour gives you room to enhance your creativity and present it with a twist.

Use the Ultra Violet colour to accent one of your walls, add a lighter colour sofa like Margret Leatherette Sofa (in Rose White) and use accessories that make textures pop in your living room.

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3. Set a Tone for your Dining Room

Subdued and low-key use of dark colours, such as the Ultra Violet, can make your Dining Room sparkle and look all the more appealing. You can use a textured wall-painting against a lighter backdrop, or lay out an Ultra Violet rug to go with your dining sets, such as Hensen dining set or Alvan 8-Seater Dining Set. If you would like to make the most out of white and ultra violet, Wooden Street serves you with the majestic Talisa Dining set in all its enchanting glory, with purple rug and curtains.

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4. A Sensual Bedroom.

While lighter tones are essential in study rooms, and may be make your living room more charming, they can be done with when you’re setting up a tone for your bedroom. Let your senses feast on the powerful impact that dark colours create and the coziness they inspire in your living room.

Dark coloured curtains, accompanied with a dark-accented wall, and ample lighting create a magnificent ambience in your bedroom.

Wooden Street offers Berenice Upholstered Bed without storage for the look below.

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Little changes in your interior keep your life interesting, as has been our experience. So make some small changes, and you’re all set to dispel monotony out of your life.

Keep up with the latest trends in interior décor and let Wooden Street guide you through them. We hope you like our ideas about using the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018, in your interiors. Let us know how you’ll be incorporating our ideas.

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