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Empower the look of your house with the wooden troops

  • 2016/07/27
  • 569
Empower the look of your house with the wooden troops

There are only a few people who have not heard about or played the super fun game-”Clash Of Clans,” which has a concept we can easily relate to. The game works on the motive that each player has to develop a clan and make it strong enough to easily overcome the damage caused by the attacks of the enemy clans. Simultaneously, you, as a player, have to train the troops and feed them the required elixir to make them ready to attack and take revenge from you enemy clan. Most of the time the protagonists form a gang and attack as a whole on the antagonist group of clans. The group that wins get the big loot and loads of gold and Trophies. The one who gets defeated loses money as well as his trophies that define his achievements. It is a spartan kind of a game that needs to be played strategically, to win.

Similarly, our home is just like a clan, that needs to be decorated and taken care of. The troops that protect the prestige of the clan are the furniture items and various decorative that preserve the look of our home. So, to talk about the fun part, we will here, relate the essential furniture items of our house to the essential troop members. This way, a gamer can also understand the power of good home furnishing, so here we go:

1. Barbarian King like Dining Table set:

Just like a barbarian king is the main and the very active player of the game. He is the toughest and the meanest Barbarian who can attack the enemy village single-handedly. Just like that, our dining tables are very important and the focal point of our entire home. They are the first thing that captivates the attention of the guests and speak a lot about our fashion and sense of style. Whether it is a small room or a large room, always, most of the furniture in the living cum dining room is pointed at the dining table only. So, it must be strong to be able to conquer the hearts of people.

8 seater dining table set

2. Archer Queen like Beds:

The Archer Queen, who looks very delicate and beautiful, on the contrary, is a fierce and a strong, powerful woman, who can touch any extent to emerge victoriously. An eagle-eyed warrior who can guard the village so well. Similarly, the comfortable beds that form the basic part of our bedroom and the most yearned for place to rest. There is no home without a bed because it is responsible for soothing you to sleep so that you wake up next day energized and fresh. It is the Queen of our homes, so we will have to buy a decorative and comforting one.

queen size poster beds

3. Goblins like Coffee Table:

The goblins are tiny, but they are the show-stealers in the real sense. No one, as fast as a goblin can make the most out of an attack. It like, when all the other troops are waiting to break the walls, goblins, being small-sized, just enter through the smallest dig and attack the money. Similarly, our coffee tables or center table, although are very small, but they are the first thing our guests visit while they enter the living room. They, if look attractive, can win the hearts of the guests and flaunt your style very well. Just like the goblins, they eye on just one thing: The loot!

modern coffee tables

4. Wall Breaker like Sofa Set:

Although dwarf, but another influential member of the troop is the wall breaker. Similarly, the later realized, but the most crucial furniture item that represents your lifestyle is a sofa set. The wall breakers are warm headed and blast the wall of the enemy clan. They can have a very disturbing effect on the enemy clan if used wisely. Similarly, the sofa sets can win you the hearts of your guests if chosen carefully considering your interiors.

beautiful sofa sets

5. Wizards like Bookshelves:

The Wizards have a power of attacking with the magical spells and leaving the other attacker weak. Similarly, in a juxtaposition, the bookshelves can make the readers go spellbound with your collection and can very well display all your home accessories and antiques. A wizard is a terror on the battlefield, like wisely, Bookshelves can be very influential on the impression of your guests.

bookshelves online india

So, now that you get the concepts of the game and the importance of various furniture items in our homes, you must make sure you get the best-est troops and win over the heart of almost every guest of yours.

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