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Enchanting Dining Table Styles To Decorate The Dining Space

  • 2017/03/01
  • 336
Enchanting Dining Table Styles To Decorate The Dining Space

A Dining table is a perfect focal point of any house. It sets the overall mood of the space. The wooden dining tables also add a dash of elegance in the dining area with its designs and chairs. Whether it's an occasional dinner, a small get together of friends or just a simple meal; a perfect setting is a must. But it is never easy to make a decision when it comes to choosing a perfect shape, style and size dining table. With so many beautiful and eye-catchy designs along with the lovely patterns available, one might feel the need of interior designer to finalise the purchase for a suitable dining table. Well, the designers of the Wooden Street have come up with some of the styles to help you to make a better decision. So let's try and analyse which style is suitable for your interior.

1. Rectangular shape Dining Table:

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A rectangle table is the most traditional piece of furniture and works well in modern seating as it does in one that's stepped in history. They are the most common and are suitable for families that have four members or for those who need to seat more guests on a regular basis. Wooden rectangle dining tables are the best tables if someone plays host, but the only danger in having a rectangle table is that it feels overly formal and impersonal, rather than warm and welcoming.

2. Square Shape Dining Table:

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A square table is a contemporary choice that can make conversations easier and are a dramatic addition to the big dining space as it can accommodate plenty of people. But, it does have a few downsides too.A square table tends to take up a vast amount of room and although it allows everyone seated at the table to see one another, the distance from one side of the table to the other means people may not be able to hear one another particularly well when numerous conversations are going on at once. Also, unless you have a dish in the middle, passing food from one side of the table to the other usually involves a dish's having to travel the table to arrive at the desired location. Thus, they are a great solution if you rarely seat more than four people and are an effective way of using small space.

3.Oval Shape Dining Table:

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Oval tables bring a sense of occasion to any meal, whether you are just enjoying the meal with your family or want to impress your guests. Its curved edges help the energy flow more gently than the straight and simple lines of rectangle table in the small spaces that must double as thoroughfares. Also, its pedestal legs make the ordinary oval table contemporary and sculptural or traditional and decorative. An oval table also allows dining last minute guest with ease. Overall, a table of oval shape gives a visual and beautiful appearance in the dining space of the house.

4. Round Shaped Dining Table:

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A round table, arguably the best shape for the small gathering is the best choice for those who want to encourage conversations and closeness among friends and family. It is furniture piece where everyone can see everyone else, providing a cosier atmosphere and a more intimate, social setting. With round table, if the leg is the centre, you can normally add extra chairs for unexpected guests quite easily. However, it is not recommended to purchase a large round table if you do not have ample space, because although those seated can see everyone else, you will be further away, and cannot reach any food placed around the middle of the table.

So which would you choose? Would you go for round, oval, square or rectangle table? Explore the various designs available at Wooden Street and grab the most elegant pieces at competitive prices online. We, at Wooden Street, provide not only the best furniture units, but also the world-class services to our discerning customers. Place your order of dining table now and grab the most exciting offers.

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