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Fabric Furniture Fixes

  • 2017/11/21
  • 238
Fabric Furniture Fixes

The sheer amount of planning, contrast and comparison that entails the process of buying a furniture tells how invested you are about your interiors and priceless furniture.

Imagine, if something were to happen to these furniture, that you oh-so-lovingly bought, to uplift and glamourize your interiors! We understand how utterly devastating it might be for you, if one of those kitty parties ended up in a stain on your prized furniture. Such a stain could easily become its prominent and permanent feature.

At Wooden Street we understand your predicament and have brought to you the easiest precautions and fixes that will keep your furniture as good as brand new.

Wooden Street, in partnership with the Cleaning Elves, Presents-

The Do’s, Don’ts and Fixes


A) The Do’s and the Don’ts:


  • Don’t let the spills and stains set in. Rush and hasten up the process, with all due respect to your guests.
  • Respect reminds us, kindly respect the manufacturers and their cleaning instructions. Always read the care instructions.
  • Always do a spot test on the fabric before using any chemicals and dry after the cleaning has been done.
  • Spend some time and get acquainted with different fabric types so you know how they will react to various cleaning agents.
  • Water, Baking Soda, Dish Soap, Vinegar or Vodka can all be used, varying on the degree of stain. Learn to categorize your stains and spills right.
  • Keep the blotting paper and tissues handy.

B) The Fixes:

1. Vacuum your couch: Regular vacuuming can keep your furniture clean and prevent the dust from settling deeper into your upholstery. A simple vacuuming process can do wonders to a stain. Ergo, it has to be the first step.


2. Steaming: Steam your upholstery with a steamer to loosen the stains settled inside the fabric. Use a tissue or fabric brush with soft bristles to scrub over the stained area.


3. Water, Dish Soap, Vinegar: Mix these in a ratio a 2:1:1 ratio and blot on the stain using the solution. Hope this simple solution is all that your upholstery requires.


We hope these hacks prove useful and your interior treasures- your fabric sofas do not end up with any permanent damage. Keep us in the loop by conveying a thank-you to our elves.

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