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Four Ways To Setup Elegant And Beautiful Sectional Sofa In The Living Room

  • 2017/04/06
  • 465
Four Ways To Setup Elegant And Beautiful Sectional Sofa In The Living Room

A good looking living room is an everybody dream come true. A living room is a place which is mostly visited and is a place where we entertain our guest. Therefore, a sectional sofa is an essential piece of furniture to be added in the room. Sectional sofa sets, unlike standard sofas, are composed of multiple independent pieces that can be arranged in some different positions. They are an excellent way to bring guests and families together. They create an all-in-one seating arrangement that stands out as the centrepiece of a room, all while making the space cosy and homey. Sectional couches are perfect for movie, dinner parties and just to lay out, chill and relax on your days off from work. All you need is a suitable space, and you can arrange your small sectional sofa to fit your design need. So have a look at various ways of organising an L-shaped sectional sofa in the house to add style and comfort along with space.

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1. Spaced Out: Sectional sofa bed can be arranged by separating the pieces. You can create a traditional style living room by putting the sofa against the wall. The love seat or 2 seater sofa can face the larger portion of the couch and space can be divided by a wooden coffee table or ottoman. You may also create an elegant look by moving each piece of the sectional sofa on opposite sides of the room. The middle section can also be used as standalone seating furniture in another part of the room.

2. Against the wall: Modern sectional sofas are sometimes so bulky and can take up so much space. Therefore, keeping the backs of the L sectional sofa against the wall will allow you to optimise your space in the middle of the room. A beautiful glass top coffee table can be placed in front of the sectional sofa or nest of tables on either side. The primary focus is not to block any entryways or windows with this setup. If you have narrow space and it is the longer end of the couch that you need to balance then consider facing it with two individual chairs.

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3.Keep it in the middle: Instead of pushing your sectional sleeper sofa up against a wall, try to arrange it in the centre of the room. You will be surprised by the flexibility and more space you'll utilise by keeping it in the middle of the room. You can also centre your leather or fabric sectional sofa along the lines of an eye-catching carpet. It'll brighten up a simple couch and liven up the room.

4. Minus the Middle: To optimise the space, you can take out the middle piece of your sofa and put the two ends together. This setup will not work well if the two connecting parts are different heights. If the two pieces are the same height, line each piece up next to each other and create a long horizontal design. This design is ideal if you have a wide area and would like to have ample space in the middle of the floor.

Modern sectional sofas are available in different types and are more versatile seating solution than standard three seaters or 2 seater sofa. Some of them are multifunctional, and some provide footrest. There are even sectional couches that are designed with cushions that can be wiped down with simple soap and water. These are exceptionally functional for enclosed porches or Interior Design.

With its many practical applications and arrangements, buying a sectional sofa is a win-win situation for your place. It is the best furniture piece to utilise the home space. And now, with the provision to purchase a leather or fabric sectional sofa online in India, the aesthetic aspect is also taken care of, by the chic, elegant designs available online. So take time and look around before purchasing a sofa.

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