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Furnitur-o-logy converges numerology: Intimate aura decoded "Phase-1"

  • 2016/09/22
  • 612
Furnitur-o-logy converges numerology: Intimate aura decoded "Phase-1"

The act of dealing with the occult power of numbers is known as numerology. This is an important branch, also connected with science which will allow an individual to know that what is best suited to the person. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. It is often associated with divinatory art, but it is much more than a spiritual advice; it justifies the way an individual performs, his actions and ideas are guided by the number.

This series of four blogs will help you immensely to choose your perfect fit of furniture. It will contribute to regulate and classify different design languages of various furniture, by choosing what your name assigned number analysis defines.

This blog is divided into four phases:

2.The number assigning system
3.The analysis of number 1 to 5
4.The analysis of the number 6 to 9 and conclusion


Numerology can be ordered in three dimensions:
1.Western philosophy
2.Chinese philosophy.
3.Indian philosophy

The number defining systems differ in all the three systems, but the overall analysis of the system is similar in all the three views. Also, numerology can be done in either a birth date recognition or name-number assigning systems.

We will be analyzing your penchant in furniture in the name-number assigning system. It is chosen this way because the name is one element by which the soul has distinguished in the world. There can be discrepancies in the birth date but not name, therefore we are ensuring a more robust dimension is rendered for the name analysis, which in turn will allow a more detailed analysis regarding your furniture type.

The very thought of connecting furniture with numerology is intimidating. Honestly, this obscure comparison hits the creative and logical charts of the mind alike. Furniture is a different forte, What it has to do with numerology? Similar thoughts were encapsulating our minds, but a vision changed over the course of diving deep into number analysis systems.

House is not just a place to live, it is much more than that. A house is the reflection of one’s lifestyle. Furthermore, it is the place where we have no inhibitions and we can be in our original state and radiate true nature of ourselves. Houses have one thing in common, they have furniture!

Home decor paramountly consists of different furniture. Therefore, it is authentically intimidating that the furniture should reflect what we are , and it should mirror our lifestyle. It is important to have a proper synchronization between the furniture and your internal aura, because if it is not in a correct channel, then it will eventually imbalance the inner energy of the system. Therefore, the numerological analysis should be carried out in every dimension, to make sure that the balance is not disturbed.

This thought gave the rise for the need to develop an analysis between numerology and furniture which will render out the choices of furniture people should choose which reflect their personality.

Furnitur-o-logy converges numerology is one attempt by our team to drive your opinion in a better streamlined way to simplify your furniture buying experience.

We get our furniture just by choosing on the basis of our taste, likes and color preferences. This approach is archaic nowadays because we have special requirements coming and growing up each day. Therefore, with interior designers, we sketch a whole plan to make our house more eye-catching and a piece of envy. This approach can now be complemented by numerical analysis of your name, which will identify the traits of you as a person, regulating the right choice of furniture for you. 

With advancement in science and technology, it is important to harmonize your personality and your nature with your furniture, because now we can study, analyze and regulate the vibrations and energy of a particular individual. Therefore, in this research, we are trying to be your savior by synthesizing the perfect fit of furniture mood for you, so that it is only the positive vibes, which get absorbed in your homes.

Furniture marks a consuming ubiquity in your house. The tables, chairs, center console tables, and beds, all render prominent look and feel. Therefore, it is much needed to get the furniture which exhibits the characteristics, taste and vibe the person is radiating.  

This is important to divulge that this analysis is to be done on your full name, this functionally means if you are having a middle name and last name, render this analysis on your full name, then check the corresponding number and know the mannerism your name carries.

The next phase will be all about calculating your numerical score. With your number in your writing pad, we will gradually shoot up to find your perfect fit.

Keep connected, your inner aura is just about to get decoded!

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