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Furnitur-o-logy converges numerology: Intimate aura decoded "Phase-2"

  • 2016/09/23
  • 453
Furnitur-o-logy converges numerology: Intimate aura decoded "Phase-2"

In the previous blog, we have made a comprehensive explanation of the very essence of this series, what exactly is numerology and why we are connecting this in-depth knowledge of name-number assigning systems to furniture. This all analyze is the way to make you feel more connected with the furniture you are buying because the decisiveness factor would be by your personal traits and personality.

Without any further ado, let us dive straight into the process of calculating your number so that we can help you find the correct furniture, best suited to your aura. Before we start off with this process, it is important to make you understand the importance of rendering this analysis on your full name. Name is not just a couple of alphabets arranged in a logical sound, it represents an identity, a significant feeling to the owner. So, to make this analysis more worthwhile by performing the score analysis on your whole name, this will only exhibit the best results.

Score analysis is not rocket science. The individual performing the name-number assigning analysis do not have to carry out some complicated algorithm or learn some new theories. Our team will help you to perform the simplest score analysis technique. Before we start with the process, note down your name( full name ) on a piece of paper having some space below it.

The score analysis can be done in three simple steps.

Step 1

Assigning the number to each alphabet.

This step consists of assigning the number to each alphabet. The name-no chart is depicted below. Each alphabet has a number assigned to it. The individual is requested to write down the number corresponding to their name’s elements.

The sequence is : 
1 = a, j, s 
2 = b, k, t, 
3 = c, l, u, 
4 = d, m, v, 
5 = e, n, w, 
6 = f, o, x, 
7 = g, p, y, 
8 = h, q, z, 
9 = i, r

The picture below depicts the same

Step 2

Summing up the numbers.

This step consists of summing up the number assigned to each alphabet. Add up all the digits. Most probably it will end up between eleven to ninety-nine.

Step 3

Summing up the digits of the sum acquired.

This step consists of adding up the digits ( repeat the process ) until it amounts to a single digit number from 1 to 9.



You have got your number. Now you can use this number to analyze further the aura and personality related to your name. Furthermore, the number will be complemented by the furniture that will be the perfect fit for the number.

In the next two blogs, we will be analyzing the numbers.

Each number will be thoroughly explained with the mood and the furniture complementing to the mood and personality will also be analyzed in the next two series.

Before diving into the technicalities of furniture buying, it is important to find out is this blog series was necessary.

This blog, not a mere depiction of combining the furniture according to one’s score, it is a proper synchronization of one’s energy to the wooden furniture that is due to come in your house.

Furniture comes in a wide variety of range and all furniture depicts one common execution, they are designed keeping in mind one mood, whether a hot, violent design language to a cool, soothing philosophy, each is thoughtfully crafted into a unit.

The next two blogs will specifically focus on your number and the proper channel to render out the best results for your furniture buying.

So stay connected. We have decoded your inner aura and transformed it into a number. Coming up next is the explanation of this mysterious number .

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