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Furnitur-o-logy converges numerology: Intimate aura decoded "Phase-3"

  • 2016/09/24
  • 528
Furnitur-o-logy converges numerology: Intimate aura decoded "Phase-3"

Welcome to the third series where furniture meets numerology. Numerology with furniture blog will allow you to correspond you to your number.

So you have your number written on that writing pad. Before we kick off with the explanation of each number and suggest the best-suited furniture for your aura, it is important for you to know that this analysis is done on the basis of your acquired number. So we suggest you cross check your number before diving off to your number.

If you are a new starter, we suggest you have a scan through our previous series for you to have an overall view of connecting your score with furniture. The score calculated by you is by your full name, and we are just going to get started with your score interpretation.

We have segregated the section into two parts. The first part will consist of the analysis between scores one to five. The next part will give you the remaining scores report. Without any further ado, let us get into the mesmerizing world of numerology meets furniture series. The furniture are allotted analyzing your traits and personality.

Number one

Born to rule with an energetic aggressiveness

The very first number of the natural number system commands individuality. They are always unique in their approach whether in professional or personal life. They are guided by the spiritual and primal force. They are rebellious but in a constructive way. The persons having number one are strong willed and will do the task, whatever it takes.

This type of eclectic personality demands furniture that is marking up their presence in the home decor they are blended with. Some unique furniture for these people are :

1.Woodenstreet Pool Cum Dining Table

Pool Cum dining Table online

This dining is designed for the unique taste a person with number one radiates. This table is an aggressive representation of the design language that reflects individuality. This dining table set is built to render uniqueness and functionality at the same time.

2. Loire Bar Cabinet

Bar cabinets online in india

This cabinet is designed for people who are the doers. Who does not like a refreshing time after working for their dreams. The Loire bar cabinet renders the functionality which is independently guided by the primal forces.

Number two

The ultimate survivors

People having number two are associated with fine arts. They are sensitive towards their goals and handle and work diplomatically to achieve them. They are the peacemakers and keep away from unnecessary attention and are quiet in their approach towards life. They are diligent people with an eye for quality. Intuitive in nature, individuals with a score of two are sensual.

They are a bit oversensitive to certain extent and laziness is one trait they are born with. People with score two can cherish these types of furniture, perfectly synchronized to their personality.

1.Tworkov Bookshelf Cum Study Table

Shop for Bookshelves at woodenstreet

This renders a design language to satiate the people with a taste of fine arts. This bookshelf cum table is specially designed so you can have a proper place to discover your interest in the genre you have been searching for a while. Perfectly suited to people who are having a minimalist aggressive outlook.

2. Orson Compact 6 Seater Dining Chair and Table

Wide range of dining chairs online

Compactness has an all new language. This Dining chair and table are a perfect combination of art meets harmony. The subtle presence is blended perfectly with the home decor, be it of any style. This makes it an ideal companion with people with a score of two.

Number 3

Overflowing charismatic personality

People with number three are the undisputed star in the party. They are a little disorganized, but this is what makes them so special. They are the repository of extrovert personality traits. They are expressive, imaginative and are the best communicators in their circle. An artistic personality, they are a little extravagant in spending, but creativity rules them all.

1.Sunfric Poster Bed Without Storage

Poster bed online in india

Stars should have furniture that reflects what they really are. This is the reason why Sunfric bed is designed to be a little offset from the conventional bed. This also allows the bed to be a bit more unique and have a charismatic appeal, being in sync with people with score three.

2. Pippin Tv Unit

Range of Tv Units

This TV unit is designed to stand out. Just like people with score three do each time. With a marking presence in the home decor, this TV unit reflects a sense of style statement that is simple and aggressive at the same time. Disorganized people take note, with the abundance of storage, this is a perfect fit.

Number 4

Dynamic force encapsulated

People having a score of number four are courageous and adventurous. They are quick thinkers and don’t give a second thought once they fix a mind on something. They are methodological and organized people, also obedient and committed.

These people are versatile and flexible, which allows them to get molded to the best interest of the particular situation.they do everything with proper planning and this is what makes them win their goals. The furniture that perfectly blends with your aura are:

1.Mckellen L-Shape Corner Sofa Cum Bed Fabric Sofa Set

Classic Fabric sofas

L-shaped has always been a style statement in the furniture industry. The l shaped are further modified to render it two functionalities, that is seating and sleeping. This is complemented to the soul of people having score four which reflects adventure. This design is based on an organized language which serves functions in an ordered way.

2.Evgenia Hutch Cabinet

Hutch cabinets online in india

Flexibility has an all new language. Hutch cabinet cater to people who are looking for space that reflect their personality. The unadulterated white develops a sense of confidence.

Number five

Freedom in blood, restlessness in mind

They are the people who must be on the team who got us independent. Freedom is what they want and demand. These people are daring but social at the same time. They are witty, quick thinker and smart, progressive in their thoughts and action.

Loyal to the people in their group. Also they are easily adaptable. These people have very high social skills which eventually help them winning over others.

1. Tyson Lounge Chair

Lounge chairs at Woodenstreet

Each freedom lover tends to get tired. For those trying moments, we are getting you the best from our stables. Lounge chairs give you a sense of dominance, exactly suiting the taste of people with the score of five.

2. Berwick Designer Shoe Rack

Shoe racks Online

This designer show rack captivates the mind. Also, its mesmerizing presence makes a unique mark on your mind and home decor alike. With people having a score of five, this is an ideal companion.

So now, furniture meets numerology is taking shape. People are getting their scores and searching the furniture according to their score.

People with score six and above, don’t loose hope. Your analysis is coming. Stay connected and feel your positive vibes, while we pick up the best furniture for you.

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