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Furnitur-o-logy converges numerology: Intimate aura decoded "Phase-4"

  • 2016/09/26
  • 520
 Furnitur-o-logy converges numerology: Intimate aura decoded "Phase-4"

Welcome to the last phase of this series where numerology meets furniture. In the last part, people with scores ranging from one to five were intrigued with their personality and the matching counterpart. This was an important revelation of their matching the furniture.

Without any further explanation, let us dive straight into the scores ranging from six to nine. People who were waiting for their analysis, hold on to your horses. The intimate aura is just about to be decoded.

Number six

Breathing compassion

People with score six have a lovable personality. They are charming, protective and are dived deep into emotions. They are sympathetic in their approach towards life and are loyal to the close circle of people they hang around with. The ideal furniture companion for them are:

1.Salvador Wall Shelves

Wall shelves Online in india

This wall shelf boasts a design language that is radiating love, as this clings snugly into your corner spaces, as made for each other.

2.Hansvon Wine Rack

Wine Racks at Woodemstreet

Love has an all new language. People who are compassionate never thin twice before that big night. This furniture caters to people who want to live their lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

Number seven

Analytical yet lucky

People with score seven are not just lucky, but they always have the ball in their court. They are spiritual, intelligent and analytic in approach. They calculate and foresee their steps before taking them, which saves them further troubles. The furniture which fits your bill are;

1. Reveka Sideboard

Wide Range of Sideboards

This side board caters to people who like to keep things ordered. This is designed to render the same approach as radiated by you.

2.Denberg Wardrobe

Warorobes Online

This multicolor wardrobe is the perfect fit for people with an analytical approach. This serves a design language that is simplistically modern.

Number 8

Managerial DNA

Most people with score eight tend to hold various administrative positions across the globe. They have a high sense of character judgment, which makes them the perfect fit. They are business minded people who are efficiently capable of handling people. The furniture which serves the people with score eight are:

1.Restal Coffee Table

Coffee Tables Online in india

Coffee and executives are friends for a lifetime. A managerial DNA is only fueled up by an excellent, hot brewed coffee. This coffee table is for people who want to have an entirely blissed emotion while sipping a hot cup of coffee and planing the next step.

2. Baines Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinets

This bathroom cabinet keeps you organized so that you do not have to run errands while getting ready for that next meeting. This cabinet is specially designed to take minimal space while delivering much.

Number nine

Sophisticated lifestyle

People having a score of nine are the sophisticated of the lot. They are charitable to other people and are utterly generous in helping other to get out of a problem. They have a bit of romantic character. The furniture for these people are:

1. Christie Bench

Benches online in india

This bench allows the people to develop proximity with their loved ones. The perfect companion for people who are romantic and want to express love to their dear ones.

2.Angela fabric sofa

Fabric Sofas At Woodenstreet

What else does a person want who is sophisticated to have a comfortable sofa to have a nap while watching TV in full comfort. Made for people on the move and want to have a large comfortable sitting option, this is an ideal fit.

So this is it, readers. We come to the end of this series, and we hope you have found your ideal furniture. What are you waiting for, click on that link and start shopping !

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