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Furniture bonded with love, to nurture the bond of friendship

  • 2016/08/06
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Furniture bonded with love, to nurture the bond of friendship

All the atrocities of our lives can be negated by one and only one powerful spell of friendship. A Best friend is one soul mate, who knows you in and out and never judges you for the way you are. Only the luckiest people on this earth can celebrate the amazing bond of a true and pious friendship. It is like, God will mock us for we used up an entire life and could not even make a true friend?

Friendship is not just a word. Some people take just a few moments to find some parts of them in the other beings and bond with them, and for some, it takes an entire lifetime to understand this word. Many people say,”I do not need a friend, I am my own friend”, but all on the surface. Deep inside, everybody wants a friend in their lives, to whom they can speak their heart. They can laugh, cry and be themselves shamelessly in front of them, without the fear of losing them. Friendship is a sacred moral of life that can teach a person all the good qualities like loyalty, gratitude, appreciation, etc. If you have a real friend, you have everything!

The more is less when we start to applaud the beauty of friendship. But, here we are discussing the goodness of friendship because I am going to bring in front the furniture items that support friendship. Following are the furniture products that spread the essence of true friendship, using which you can spare golden memories with your friends:

1. Ottomans

Ottoman, although a small, beautiful furniture product, finds an important place in making friendships stronger. It can make a comfortable seating in the front yard or the backyard of your home, where you can just sit and ingest hot coffee and hot gossips, with your friends. It is the most comfortable kind of a chair, which is not very heavy to be moved. You can simply carry your ottoman and sit next to every friend among the gathering, thus making them feel special.

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2. Benches

The school memories are the priceless memories that can not be re-lived. One can only remember the fun we had while scribbling on the wooden benches and touching your head to the bench to laugh on the jokes without getting caught by the teachers. The best part being, opening your tiffin under the bench and eating like a gypsy right in the morning lecture, all with your friends. That is hoe important a bench is to support friendships. How can we forget the adrenaline rush that we used to get while passing the chits under the bench so that all your friends can pass the exam? You can relive those memories of school bench, with the modern seat as well.

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3. Patio furniture

It is fun, to invite your friends to the Tea Party, and recall all the tortures you did on your teachers. You can share all the details about your life at present. In fact, you can simply sit and read together on the patio and discuss the minutest detail about how your feel. The bond grows stronger this way.

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4. Study Table

How can we not count the moments of late night studying with our friends, on our study tables? Those were the most important moments of your friendship because you helped each other in that difficult time of exams. This is how a study table helps nurture our friendships. We study, share a laugh, learn together and the funniest among all, we fall asleep together on that study table.

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5. Coffee tables

You needs critics when you have your best friends. Almost everybody must have sat around the coffee table with their buddies, and tried to do some creativity. There were some drawing competitions and writing competitions, wherein, no matter what, the dominant one among the two always won. Remember, playing Ludo and Chess around the coffee table with your best group of friends, thank a coffee table for that.

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Almost every piece of furniture is important inside our house, but there are some that become a part of our memories. This friendships day, let's take an oath to celebrate their presence too!

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