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Furniture That Captured The Hearts Before And After Independence

  • 2017/08/12
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Furniture That Captured The Hearts Before And After Independence

It has been 71 years since Independence knocked the doors of India. Since then India has been working to set its feet. Be it in industrialisation, development or the online business, India has gained a remarkable success in every field.

Furniture Industry has been a major contributor to the growth and development as what people prefer after food and house is the essential furniture that embellishes one's home gracefully and adds on to the functionality at the same time.

When we talk about furniture, there are some important furniture items that were very popular in the ancient age prior o Independence and are still considered vital and classic furniture in India. Evolution of furniture since ancient ages has been really interesting. So, today let's have a look at how furniture has emerged over time:

1. Greek Couches:

Since ancient times, a couch has been considered as a symbol of majesty. It was used as a recliner in days and as a bed during the night. Designed with curved legs, it resembled the claw feet.

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Well, the modern architectures do not keep you away with from this symbol of majesty. You can still find these couches in the form of chaise lounge on various online furniture stores. Giving a kingly look, these lounges offer utter comfort and gracefully upscales the interior of a place.

2. Roman Stools:

Another artistic furniture that came into the vision during early age was the Roman stool. Used by Roman officials and households, these stools were supported by four curved legs and ornamented with scrolls. These were used as seating in Rome and Italy popularly.

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However, you will find these stools still present in the form of benches in the modern furniture industry. The modern bench designs are also inspired by the ancient craftsmanship. They offer a comfortable seating imparting a royal look.

3. Chest of drawers:

In the medieval age, with growing need for storage came the chest of drawers. It was the versatile furniture piece serving the need of cupboard, trunk and a seat. The instances could be found in churches. This furniture remained an essential one till the 15th century.

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The usefulness of the functional chest of drawers cannot be doubted. You can find some amazing wooden chest of drawers online which can add on to your storage and spruce up your bedrooms when placed below a mirror.

4. Chairs:

Chairs were scarce until the 15th century and having one was considered as a mark of honour. The word 'chairman' can signify the importance of chairs as earlier it was seen only in big houses or we say the landlord's homes. The chairs earlier had raised armrest and backrest giving a royal look.

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You can still bring in the look of these high chairs in a contemporary style. Different arm chairs and lounge chairs crafted antiquely add a gracious appeal to one's place.

5. Tables:

Tables in the medieval period had a long rectangular top which could even be dismantled. After that smaller tables also gained popularity.

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Tables, nowadays, have become an essential part of a person's life. Whether, you talk about the study tables, coffee tables or the dining tables, every one of us uses tables in one or the other way. You will find a plenty of table designs online on different online furniture stores.

India has grown immensely since Independence. With time the culture of online shopping has also grown immensely. Buying furniture online in India is now easy as many online furniture stores have entered the market. India's first online customisation store – WoodenStreet has the latest furniture collection made of premium quality wood. Celebrate this Independence Day with WoodenStreet by availing some exciting offers and discounts.

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