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Generic types of shoe racks to harbor your shoes

  • 2016/07/14
  • 549
Generic types of shoe racks to harbor your shoes

Shoes are tough because they bear all the atrocities to protect your feet from the harsh and rough roads. Had there been no shoes, it would have been next to impossible to walk on the streets for longer distances, without getting your feet going completely peeled off. We often do not realize how important these small things are to our life, and we always forget to be thankful for being able to afford that.

Since shoes protect your feet from all the sufferings and pain, therefore, it is our responsibility to take care of our shoes, when they are not in use. Arranging the shoes into the shoe rack will not only protect your shoes but will also make your home look super organized and neat. If you are a fashionista at heart and love to wear matching shoes each day, then, it is important to stack all the shoes you own, in a methodical way, so that you can get easier access to each of the pair. Just like you hang your expensive clothes inside the cupboard, to keep them from attracting dirt and stubborn stains. Similarly, shoes too deserve an equal amount of care and love, because all your outfit will look incomplete and unattractive barefoot.

Since we all know that the perfect shoes paired with the perfect outfit speak a lot about your sense of style, therefore, it is essential to buy a small home for your shoes too. Shoe racks take care of your shoes by providing proper shelves and partitions to keep them from dust. Following are the generic types of shoe racks that are most prominently found to facilitate an appropriate storage:

  • Upholstered shoe stand: The most commonly found style of shoe racks are these that can be most preferably kept at the entryway. These have an upholstered seat on the top of the shoe rack to not only facilitate an organized storage for your beautiful shoes but also provide seating. You can every conveniently sit on the seat and put your shoes off without having to dance while holding against the wall, just to put your complex sandals off. There are two main types of such shoe racks available in the market; one is having a lid on the top, which can be taken up to throw the shoes inside the box. The other type comprises of a proper seat, that has some pull-out drawers underneath, in which shoes can be stored in a more organized manner. shoe rack blog
  • Complete shoe rack: This type of shoe rack is the simplest, uni-functional piece of furniture, that can store the shoes on the vertical layers. It is also the best choice if you have only a small number of shoes to be stacked. But, in case you have a larger number of shoe pairs, then you can buy a custom made shoe rack of a bigger height. Bring them in any color and any design that complements your interiors.
  • Cabinet-like shoe rack: When you are a shoe shopaholic, and you want to store all your footwear in a big space, then cabinet like shoe racks fulfill the purpose. They are the most spacious and hold a lot of shoes. They compliment the decor well because they are designed in such a way. complete shoe rack buying blog
  • Over-door shoe rack: If you seriously lack on the floor-space, then do not worry. The over-door shoe rack can store your loved sandals and shoes behind a door and camouflage it inside the wall. They can be a piece of furniture or can also be made of cloth that is hung behind the room door and stores the two-three pairs you have. But if done so, they may spoil the look of your interiors, therefore, try to go for the wooden over-door shoe rack to maintain the decor.

basic type of shoe rack available

After knowing all the prerequisite knowledge about the basic types of shoe racks available, you can realize your requirements and then decide as to which one can be fit for your space. Buying a proper shoe rack is not the only thing you can do to take care of your shoes, keeping the shoes as well as the shoe rack clean is a must too.

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