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Get Prepared to Make your Home a Party Hub, this New Year

  • 2016/12/26
  • 374
Get Prepared to Make your Home a Party Hub, this New Year

This Christmas and New Year make your home a party zone with Wooden Street Furniture. Not only will you find a wide range of options to choose from, you can also bag some excellent offers that help you enjoy maximum value for money.

Parties always mean fun, lots of people, conversations, drinks and plenty of food. Nevertheless, you will also need a lot of furniture for seating and serving comfortably and conveniently. Planning well is very important if you want to come out as a good host.

You can have a party at any area of your house – your living room, your garden, your terrace or your dining room. All you would need is a few extra pieces of furniture that you can store away easily once the party is over. Wooden Street can give you exactly what you need.

Here are a few ideas you can use if you are thinking about throwing that wonderful Christmas or New Year Party at your home:

The Cozy Living Room Party

You can have your own private party in your living room by inviting a friends or relatives who are very close to you. If you already have a good sofa set, you can go for a few ottomans, lounge chairs, bar stools and other types of chairs to create more seating spaces for your loved ones. Do not forget a good coffee table to serve them drinks and snacks easily. In fact it would be better to go for a nest of tables.

Nest of tables come in sets of three that include coffee tables of different sizes. You can place them at different spots so that your guests find it easier to pick up their refreshments. Once the party is over, you can always nest them one below the other and save space.

The Terrace/Patio Party

If you have a huge terrace and patio, you can plan an absolutely fun party at your home. Wooden Street offers different types of folding chairs that can make for some comfortable seating in your patio or terrace. While being economical, these options are also space-saving as you can fold them and put them in your attic, while not in use.

Another alternative would be to go for a few stools and benches that you put up against the wall. This way you can accommodate more people, even if there is a space constraint. Do not forget to go for a bar trolley that can help you organize drinks and transport them from your living room bar to your patio or terrace without creating any mess.

The Pool-side/Garden Party

The garden or pool-side party can be a great hit, provided the weather does not play a spoil sport. We offer a wide range of garden furniture options that include comfortable chairs and lounge chairs that you can just leave in your garden or pool-side. They make excellent spaces to relax and converse, while helping you unwind.

This would be an excellent place to display your Christmas tree, dress-up like Santa and organize a lot of fun games. So, bring out your barbecue kit, prepare a camp fire and add in some music to make your garden/pool-side party a super-duper hit.

The Dinner Party

If you are not into too much of noise, you can always have a formal dinner party at your home. Wooden Street offers extendable dining tables that can suit your purpose quite well. In fact you can even buy two of them and create an excellent seating arrangement for as many as 12 to 14 guests. When not in use this table can be easily folded and stored at a convenient place.

One or two kitchen trolleys would be ideal to transfer food items from the kitchen and pass them on easily without disturbing your guests. This way your guests can converse easily and freely without feeling cramped.

Give a boost to your creativity and come up with an excellent party idea for this Christmas or New Year. Wooden Street can give you all that you would need to make it a huge success.

So, are you ready to play host yet?

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