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Give An Ideal Arrangement To Your Living Room Furniture: A Measurement Guide By Woodenstreet

  • 2017/06/27
  • 458
Give An Ideal Arrangement To Your Living Room Furniture: A Measurement Guide By Woodenstreet

The living room is the heart of a house. It is the ultimate room of a home which gathers the attention of all the visitors. Besides being the focal point of an apartment, it is also an area of comfort, a source of reunion for a family. Indeed, the place where all your people gather after an exhausting day should be comfortable and soothing.

In making a room, the perfect relaxing zone, the arrangement of the furniture plays a crucial role. Now, when you talk about your living room, it has to be perfect as it is not just a domicile, but also your personal canvas where you can showcase all your art. To adorn it, you need the best furniture and the best artefacts. But before getting the perfect furniture, you need to measure your area properly. Off course, you wouldn't wish to bump your knee against the table, nor wish to give a clumsy look to the area. So, you got to measure the space available for different furniture in your living room. To make your task a bit easier, we provide you with a list of rules you should follow while getting the ideal furniture for your living space:

1. Get a Coffee Table of the perfect height and size:

As a coffee table adds to the charm of the place, getting one is desired by all. But before you get one, do check the height of your sofa and ensure that there is not more than a one-inch gap between the height of the coffee table and height of your sofa. Not only it gives an enthralling look but makes the seating more comfortable.

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Talking about the size of the coffee table, then it should be approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of the size of the sofa. It can be a little more than half of the size but not less than that.

2. Leave the required walkway space:

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While placing the perfect furniture, you need to leave a sufficient walkway space. Ideally, there should be 30 to 36 inches of walkway between the furniture pieces to avoid a crowded look.

3. The ideal seating distance:

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To make your living area an engaging zone, you need to ensure that the seating distance you leave is appropriate. The seating should be comfortable for all, allowing everyone to interact freely. Correctly, there should be not more than 10 feet and less than 3 feet distance between the chairs or sofas placed in a room to optimise the conversation.

4. Get a side table of perfect height:

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If you wish to place a side table or a console table beside your sofa, ensure that it is not taller than the height of the sofa or divan back.

5. A T.V placed at proper height:

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The present day living rooms are incomplete without a T.V. Not only getting a stylish one but placing it correctly is essential to assure a proper view. A T.V should be placed 30 inches raised to the lowest seat in a room. If you don't want to get it fixed on a wall, get a TV stand of the proper height, such that it ensures a comfortable view.

6. The wall painting placed at the perfect height:

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The wall painting should be placed correctly so as to create a centre of attraction. Firstly, do not try to overstuff your room by placing all the artistries in a single room. In order to create a classy look, try making a single artefact, for suppose, a wall painting, the centrepiece. Place your painting 57 inches above the floor, or 30 inches above the seat height. You should also leave at least 6 inches of space between the edge of the wall and the ceiling.

Hopefully, these living room measurement rules will help you create a better zone. To stay updated about the latest interior design trends, stay in touch with Wooden Street.

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