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Give A Spectacular Arrangement To Your Bookshelf

  • 2017/08/02
  • 370
Give A Spectacular Arrangement To Your Bookshelf

Books are a person's best friend. For a book lover, updating himself with the latest book is not just a favourite hobby, it is essential. But a cramped book shelf won't generate a peaceful feeling that you seek. So arranging and organising the books in the bookshelf becomes a vital task not only to create a harmonious feeling but to give a clean look to the place too.

Well, you might be having a stylish book rack but just stacking the books in it doesn't work. To give an ideal arrangement, you got to apply your wits and if no new idea is storming your mind then just read the article below and discover some fabulous ways of arranging your book shelf to give it an eye catching look.

1. Make A Rainbow:

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When you just pile up the different coloured books in your book shelf, chances are it will give a cluttered look to the place. The different coloured books may even look abrupt if it doesn't match the texture of your room walls but so won't be the case if you give a rainbow arrangement to your book collection. All you need to do is arrange the different coloured books in a bundle and place it vertically or horizontally.

2. Accessorise Your Shelf:

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Not necessarily you just got to store your books on the bookshelf. You can enhance its look by placing your mementoes, personal art and the antique artistry collection. You can line up your books on one side of the rack and put your masterstrokes on the either side. This gives a classy look to the entire shelf.

3. Give A Height- wise Arrangement:

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Arrange your books in a linear form to avoid the off- balance look. You can form a layer by arranging the books in descending height in one shelf and subsequently in others too. This besides giving a neat look aids you in proper segregation too.

4. Arrange Uniformly:

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To give a bold yet simple look, you can group the books that are of a fairly uniform size and leave sufficient space for your artefacts to shine. This besides giving a minimal gives a well-organised look too. However, you can enhance the look by supplementing it with substantial artistry and antiquities.

5. Mix Up your placement:

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If symmetry is not your way, you can mix and match and still give a wonderful arrangement. This can be done by combining the vertical and horizontal arrangements. You can do this on the same shelf and can even try mixing up the entire shelves such that one shelf is horizontal and other is vertical.

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6. The Jumbled Perfection:

Lastly, even the jumbled arrangements can work well, but this would do only if you have a spacious book shelf. You can simply arrange your books with distinguished heights along with some artefacts or give an alternate horizontal and vertical arrangement.

Giving your bookshelf an ideal arrangement is not at all difficult if you have a stylish book shelf. Besides serving the purpose, a contemporary book shelf adds on to the charm of the place. You can now choose from aplenty of book shelf designs available online and get the right one for your place. To get the best deal, shop from India's first online furniture customization store – WoodenStreet.

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