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Homely Hide-Outs

  • 2017/11/09
  • 229
Homely Hide-Outs

There are definitely many ways to store things around the home. The most common options are cupboards, cabinets and drawers. But the fact says one can never get enough space to store, so we are always in a search of storage alternatives that will look amazing. Wooden Street suggests some storage alternatives that will undoubtedly steal your heart in no time.

Add style and character to your home with these creative storage ideas.

Coffee Table Set for Family Tweet up:

Having a place to sit is good, but having a family place to sit together is beyond comparisons. Wooden Street brings everyone together, and doubles the seating, with its Coffee table sets. Coffee tables do more than just offering a surface to indulge your caffeine craving. They become the part of your room’s centerpiece for good reason. Wooden Street offers coffee tables along with ottomans underneath. Suitable for any type of room décor, this arrangement offers gathering space functionality. This not only increases the seating capacity of but the ottomans hide some storage space inside them too. Great storage solution, isn’t it?

A perfect set for your family space with great style and blossoming patterns.

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Store Everything Away Beautifully:

Blanket Box is the most stylish storage solution one can ever imagine to have. Wooden Street boasts a perfect marriage of style and statement with its wide range of trunks and blanket chests. Perfect for storing bedroom clutter like quilts, bed linens, blankets, towels, etc. Try our range of Blanket Boxes and Trunks or get them customized according to the interior and requirement of your room. Store underneath and accessorize the top with a beautiful flower vase or picture frame. Also, you can’t deny that the presence of a blanket box at the foot of your bed adds a certain character, charm and traditional feel to any bedroom.

A perfect combination of stylish storage and simple décor.

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Show and Store with Hutch Cabinets:

Now we need a unique accent furniture piece for your dining space. Hutch cabinets are most suitable homely hide-outs. They will easily compliment your dining room or place them in the spare corner of your living room to utilize the space with beauty, style and plenty of extra storage for your dinning essentials. Wooden Street presents various Hutch Cabinets; discover the one that fits your lifestyle while keeping your flatware safe and sound. Hutch cabinet, usually, is a freestanding unit with cabinets and display cases on the top. Showcase and store your fancy porcelain dishes and other precious crockery and cutlery, and hide anything you want down in the cabinets.

A flawless blend of bold and sophisticated statement to your dining decor.

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Well, these are some snazzy and sophisticated storage solutions one should try. Let clutter be rendered a thing of the past by all new Wooden Street solutions.

What are you waiting for? Start your search now.

Happy Shopping!

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