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Hot Trend: The Floral French Collection

  • 2017/12/07
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Hot Trend: The Floral French Collection

As the winter grey settles in, it makes your interior loose its charm and warmth. In the biggest trends of this and the upcoming year, bold and mixed patterns in bright, eye-catchy colours have made a remarkable entry. Colours make your interiors appealing and inviting. They are the language your mind understands without much ado. They revitalize and uplift your dipping mood.

They have a physical and, subconsciously, a mental affect on your personality. While light, pastel colours influence a sense of peace and bring serenity in your interiors, warm colours inspire energy and a variety of emotions, from rage to love, in you.

Let the festivities begin by revamping your interiors. In keeping up with the trend, Wooden Street has launched French-styled furniture with intricate carvings with upholstery of beautiful bold prints. Bonita Printed Dining Set, with Shell Chairs is exactly what will help you beat the bleak colours this winter.

Let us introduce you with these amazing designs and their intricacies that set your interiors apart.


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The solid woods are air-dried to remove all the moisture from them, and then they are carved into the beautiful furniture which is delivered at your doorstep. The wood used in the aforementioned furniture is Mango wood, with clear, appealing natural finish. Furniture that is sturdy yet engraved delicately creates a well-designed balance in your interiors.


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The Shell and Zen Dining Chairs are hand-crafted with French styled carving that gives an expensive flair to your interiors. These designer furniture pieces, bring an old-worldly, yet, somehow contemporary charm to your dining room. The padded armrest of the chair adds to your comfort and relaxation.


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Vibrant, vigor-inducing fabrics are used in eclectic colours that liven up your interior and add another dimension. We have used floral, leafy prints on energy-boosting, solid-base colours that appeal to the nature-lover in you and bring an outdoorsy sunny touch to your interiors. The fabric used is a high quality Cotton blend that has a good resistance to wear, tear and piling. It has a shiny finish that makes your interior all the more attractive.

Let us introduce you to the fabric variants offered in Shell and Zen Chairs- the Dusky Leaf, the Rosy Leaf, the Scarlet Blue and the Mustard Coral. These colours and patterns offer a dip in exuberance.


The Holistic Dining Table

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In our effort to make your dining room more soaked with colours and textures, we have designed a wholesome dining table named the Bonita Printed Dining Set. You can get it customized to entertain a larger amount of people at once and even swap Shell Chairs with Zen Chairs around it, in a variety of fabrics that call to you and your interiors. Splash some colours, not just in your food (Bonjour, Red and yellow bell peppers!) but in your interiors too. Let Wooden Street help you, check out the look.

The Small Cheers!

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In our attempt to bring energy and vitality in your dining room, we came up with an idea to let the colours go overboard and create a vibrant and colorful cozy space. Select either Shell or Zen Chairs in each variant of the fabric and create a space rich in colours and warmth. Such a space will not just pretty up your interiors, but also break the habit of consistently eating out, invite you in and develop the habit of eating healthy, instead.

We hope the lively trend of this year has influenced you to infuse colours in your interiors. Interiors that whisper to your soul and make them come alive are always a welcome. And as far as we are concerned, this trend is here to stay.

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