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How can you loose weight sitting on your stylish fabric sofas?

  • 2016/10/12
  • 438
How can you loose weight sitting on your stylish fabric sofas?

Who doesn’t love to sit back on the coziest fabric sofa and watch movies along with munching popcorn and burgers? This is something each one of us fancy. But sitting chained on your beloved sofa set for prolonged duration can pump up obesity and cause heart diseases.

Some people have an extremely sedentary lifestyle because of sitting on their office chair and working for the major part of the day and then arriving home mentally exhausted. This mental exhaustion never motivates us to work out and maintain a fit physique. Instead, we tend to search for our sofa and relax. But no worries, we are going to teach you five simple exercises that you can practice sitting on your fabric sofa itself. High five, you will never have to get up, and here is how will that happen:

1.Side Planks on the sofa

Fabric sofa

To trimmer the waistline and define raunchy abs, side planks help a lot. Just rest one of your arms on the sofa base and try to bring your body up to the height of that forearm. Hold the position for 30 seconds and then repeat it ten times on each of your sides. A fabric sofa, being soft, will cozily support your arm and thus making exercise a less painful task.

2.The seat dips

Sofas Online in India

To shape your arms and the core in the beautiful Madonna-like shape, seat dips can be the best type of an exercise. Sit on the edge of your fabric sofa, and place your shoulders at your back, at a distance. Now taking the support of your arms, try to lift you body up and then slowly bring it down, folding the arms a bit. Repeat this in three sets, of 30 dips each.

3.Lunges with the base

Fabric sofas at Woodenstreet

For a beautifully shaped lower body, lunges are the best exercise. All you have to do is place one foot on the base of the sofa, and extend the other foot at most 2 feet forth. Now keep lunging forward, keeping your back straight and repeat this until 20 times on each of the side.

4.Butt-lifts on the lounge part

Having a fabric sofa or an l-shaped sofa having a lounge attached to it, you have the best butt-lift equipment at your home. Lie back on the floor and keep your feet on the fabric sofa bending your knees at sharp 90 degrees from your arms. Now try to lift up your hips enough that you make a linear orientation of your body from your shoulders to knees. Hold the position for 15 seconds and then go back to the normal position. Repeat it several times, and there you go with a beautiful lower body in a few weeks.

5.Push ups on the surface

Wide Range of Fabric Sofas

Toning up the triceps and chest is also an important task, so doing push ups on the sofa is going to make the process smooth and easy. On the basis of your upper arms touching the floor, push up and bring down your entire body multiple times, after keeping your feet on the edge of the sofa.

6.Cross-legged extension

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Just sit and extend your legs forward, all straight. Now try to cross one leg over the other ten times. Then bring both the legs straight together and push them up together and then bring them down together. Repeat this set for ten times.

Hey! Did you ever think of this good your sofa can do to you? Along with bringing home comfort, vogue, storage space, it is now ready to help you look fit and healthy. So rush, get the latest fabric sofa and start burning calories!

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