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How To Choose A Perfect Wine Rack? Tips And Advice

  • 2017/08/19
  • 355
How To Choose A Perfect Wine Rack? Tips And Advice

Wines are the first love of many alcoholics. A nice bottle of fine merlot gets a cork, which is so close to that bubbly liquid- a perfect therapy to set the mood for a romantic evening for two. If you are an amateur of wines, then you must be fond of flaunting your branded collection. A good wine remains good for a longer period if stored correctly and that is when wine racks come into the picture.

Once you witness a good number of bottles struggling to get a storage place in your house, you need to install a nice wine rack ASAP. Some aficionados prefer getting a wine cooler or a wine refrigerator. But, if you don’t come in the mentioned genre and still a novice in the subject of wine racks, we are here to help you out. With a plethora of designs and patterns available in this storage unit these days, choosing the perfect one is a challenge, certainly.

Let’s hop on to the tips you can follow to buy your next wine rack and flaunt your Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

1.Required storage space:

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The first and foremost factor of buying wine rack is to see how much liquid do you consume. It not only depends on how much you drink but the varieties you embrace as well. This is so because certain types of wine bottles don’t fit into the standard slot given on the wine rack. Larger openings of bottles as like of Magnum won’t fit in the standard size. Also, if you aim to grow your range in future, you should be aware of space issues. Carve out a place in the home where a floor wine rack could be installed.

Simple needs make way for smaller wine racks that can store four to ten wine bottles in an easy fit. Take the pick as per your desires as smaller wine racks aren’t complicated and can easily find a spot.

2.Beauty counts:

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Not all buyers go skin deep and scrutinize the functionality of the product, some consider the look a prominent aspect. Buy a beauty that can transform your wine bottles into art. If your collections are classy then why not the rack a visually appealing one? Many wine racks offer style that enhances the beauty of the space by its mere presence. Take on some colourful stuff, modern design, rustic pattern or a more contemporary one. The choice is all yours. A right style requires you to do some surfing online. Check out the photographs and videos to grasp what’s in trend.

3.Wood or metal:

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Yes, we are talking about the material of the wine rack here. The unit in question is usually made of either wood or metal. However, it’s better to select the former over the latter. Apart from giving a more traditional look, it is sustainable and would serve for a good number of years. Metal racks usually take a black or silver shade and are available in more modern designs than wood. This is purely a personal preference to see which will be aesthetically superior at your place.


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Cost matters, yes it does. Make sure you stick to a smaller unit if you are not growing your collection substantially in future. Large and high-capacity wine racks will be priced high, naturally. In the midst, you can have an outlook on a wide range of options. Some overly attractive pieces will cost more, as will those that have extra cabinets, drawers and wine accessories. Find one that suits your pocket books.


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Some of the top-notch designs offer cabinets, drawers and various other wine accessories with the rack. However, this might not be a necessary stuff to check for many buyers. Still, they can be nice to include and save your pennies, if you plan to buy them separately, later.

When it comes to buying a wine rack, there’s no right or wrong option. If you are an enthusiast of collecting wines and have space for them in your home, sure you should include a fancy looking wine rack. Either purchase a high-capacity piece or go for a wooden beauty with smaller racks, the preference is all up to you. You know very well what works best at your place. Learn more about the latest patterns of wooden wine racks at Wooden Street.

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