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How to make your House party a hit story?

  • 2016/09/02
  • 544
How to make your House party a hit story?

Have you ever imagined how miserable our lives would have been, had there been no parties or social gatherings? Don’t we find it very irritating and scorching, when we have to leave the snugly bed every morning, to reach the office on time and work hard so that we can earn well? But could we have felt equally motivated to earn money when we had nowhere to spend it? Big NO! Because, we have some goals at the back of our mind, and the one topping the list is to ‘have fun and be happy.

So, this is the new in, work hard, party harder, because no one loves to recall the nights they had plenty of sleep. Now, if we are organizing a house party, are we doing it in the right way? So, we are suggesting you the following tips and tricks, that if executed, can make your party a success story:

1. Decide the party theme

The party is fine, but you have to have a reason to do that.For that, just try to think of ways to make the party grand. One way to notch up the enthusiasm is to set up a dress code or a theme. It is essential to decide what kind of party are your planning, like is is going to be hard rock party or a dance party or a general, laid-back get-together. This gives direction to the party.

party ready furniture at wooden street

2. Excel-ate the budget and the invites

The party can happen at any time of the day; it can be lunch, brunch tea party or a dinner party. But check your space and the furniture available and only then make an excel sheet about the invitees. Keep an extendable dining table set, in case there is surprise guests or guest of guests joining the party. Include the cost of everything, so that the next day, you do not have to sink in grief for over-extending the budget.

dining table for party

3. Count all the teetotalers, vegetarians and non-vegetarian

After you have invited all your guests, do not forget to take care of everybody’s taste buds. Make preparations on all the bases, for a veg friend, a carnivore friend. Arrange plenty drinks for both the drunkards and the teetotalers.

4. Make the aura Party-like

No lights, no camera, no action, no party! After the dance and food, a proper lighting supports the party the most. Because, people have to make it public and share their pictures on Instagram and Facebook, so do not forget to keep it the best for them. This does not mean that those searing white lights will be used! Some subtle aroma in the party hall will also be a great addition.

5. No shuffling the songs, set up a playlist

It is referred to as a “MUSIC MALFUNCTION” if accidentally the song changes from ‘Kar Gayi chull’ to ‘Udd Ja kaale kava’. It is fine to keep the songs of all genres in your playlist, but at least do not keep them on shuffle! So, gather the songs that go well with the mood and theme of the party. If not you, then take the help pf your friends and elevate the party spirit!

party with best furniture

6. Break the ice

There is this obvious awkwardness when all the different friend’s circles of yours gather together, so to break the ice, you have to take an initiative. Let everybody know everybody first and then get them involved in the various party games. Truth or dare, when you rotate the bottle on the coffee table, or the trivial pursuit are among the most common party games. You might also play team games like ‘who is this’ or tug of war.

fun and games with wooden furniture

7. Pack-up

The toughest party of the day is cleaning up a post-party scenario, which almost looks like a crime scene. But do not panic, in fact, plan in advance about everything and try to use disposables as far as possible. That helps in unwinding faster, and all you have to do is throw the garbage out and be happy!

So, keep calm and keep partying!

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