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How to Select the Best Divan for Your Abode?

  • 2016/11/10
  • 384
How to Select the Best Divan for Your Abode?

Divans are the special looking beds which are becoming an integral part of the modern decor in India. Usually, these furniture units are deployed in the living area so that it can be made to look elegant without putting much efforts.

These special divan beds can be the reason why your abode looks aesthetically pleasing, but if you have deployed an entirely peculiar themed divan in your area, it might look messed up and spoil all your efforts to adorn your room.

But how to decide whether a particular divan is apt for your living area or not? Well, this is a tough question! There is no rigid rule that can make sure that the unit you are selecting will be an ultimate choice. But, there are certain things that can be kept in mind so that you do not end up buying an unsuitable unit. The experts at Wooden Street have come up with a few of them so that you do not end up grabbing a wrong product. Let’s take a look at them:

Shape Matters

These special units are available in all shapes, but you should remember that shapes contribute a lot in creating a different look in an area. If you are short on space, then you should never go for furniture with pointed corners, instead, opt for the rounded ones. They create an illusion of spaciousness.

Wooden Divans Online in India

Sized or Oversized?

More than anything, the size of divan bed should be taken in the prime consideration. You obviously do not want an overly sized unit to consume most of the space in a room. Before selecting any unit you should be aware of the dimensions of your area so that you do not end up getting a unit that looks unusually huge or small.

Unbalanced Decor

Some divans are available with storage, and some are not. If you have bulky looking abode, do not make a mistake of getting a different divan for your area. This is capable of adding bulk or weight to your living space, so do not make hasty decisions about the same.


Wide Range of Divans at Woodenstreet

Your decor differs from your neighbours, so do not buy something just because it looks good in anyone else’s home; understand that every abode is different from another. Other than this, you should properly choose colour and theme of your divan. A slight variation adds up the look, but an entirely different one can ruin the theme of your area.

Placement and Position

Every furniture unit has a position for itself. Yes, that may vary from one room to another, but never place them haphazardly. This might make your abode look like a furniture warehouse.

If you keep these things in mind, you’ll never buy a wrong furniture unit that makes you regret your decision time and again.

We, at Wooden Street, have the best collection of the wooden divans. These divans are capable of adorning every theme and complementing the existing pattern of an abode.

When you shop at Wooden Street, you get some of the most amazing online shopping benefits like easy EMI, cash back, free delivery, hassle-free return policy, etc. Apart from the standard shopping benefits, you get an exceptional feature to customise your furniture unit.

Wooden Street is India’s first custom made furniture store with which you can personalise your unit on parameters such as wood, finish and size. If you can do all this on your own, well and good. In case you need any help, you can connect to our round-the-clock active customer care support staff and share your worries with them.

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