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Newest addition to our range of innovative furniture, exclusively launching in India: The Pool Cum Dining Table

  • 2016/02/22
  • 2066
Newest addition to our range of innovative furniture, exclusively launching in India: The Pool Cum Dining Table

Idea behind the Pool Cum Dining Table

Our team of furniture designers strive hard to work on innovative range of furniture while we firmly believe to add value to every purchase of our customers in terms of its cost effectiveness.Dining tables have become an important part within the modern families and if given a bonus of gaming within the same structure,is a sure to win demand.

Working over the ideology of furniture that could fulfill more than a single function was the primary concern behind the "Pool Cum Dining Table".
You would be delighted to explore that this innovative piece of furniture has been exclusively launched in India for the very 1st time under the copyright of our website

The Product and Looks

pool cum dining table

This multi-utility piece falls within a category of your luxurious furniture and you can place it within your living area as a priority.The distinguished taste, lavish life style and preference to high quality can be seen through this splendid pool cum dining table.The product is a complete space saver and premium when it comes to nurture the bond with your family and friends within the premises. The product's dual functionality feature is commendable as it is able to enhance the dining & gaming experience simultaneously.

Quality and Mechanism

We trust to build furniture that last for a lifetime; additionally the piece has been crafted with a premium quality of solid wood. Post launch of this product our quality check team made sure to select the finest wood and pass it through high quality testing to ensure its built and durability. Moreover professional pool cloth has been used to enrich the experience of pool lovers with the dual functionality.

Fusion Table in India

Eliminating all the complicated theories of multi-utility furniture we have equipped with simplest mechanism and featuring the experience to dine over the same table is a matter of few seconds. The table base accommodates two removable lightweight tabletops, which can be removed when in need for the pool table.Focusing on the looks hidden slot drawers are provided for the pool ball collection.

Sitting Bench to hold pool sticks

Adding beauty to the dual function along the table is the upholstered storage bench where you could store your available pool accessories such as the balls, cue stick & slate. When not in need the bench could be utilized to accept a seating capacity of 3 individuals, on a whole you could welcome 7 members comfortably for the grand dinner celebration.

Price and Variants

On a ground level comparison a solid wood 6 seater dining table set & a professional pool table would sum up to a cost of approximately INR 2 Lakhs, whereas on the other hand has launched this innovative piece at an economical cost of INR 71,999 only! With the launch of the product you could avail 3 variations i.e. White/Grey/Brown, further pan India delivery & installation has been made available along with the product.

Now go ahead and transform your lazy weekends into a full joyous experience through this new innovative theory. Let our exceptionally reasonable multi-utility furniture become part of your luxury.

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