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Intensify Your Wall Shelves With Few Easy Tips

  • 2017/06/03
  • 440
Intensify Your Wall Shelves With Few Easy Tips

Obsessed with the interior of your apartment! Assured that you have done your best to give your home an exemplary look!! I am sure you must have done it. But, does your wall shelf look out of place? Or, are you bored with the regular look and want something new? The solution to all your queries lies in the article below. We would like to share some easy and interesting tips which you can follow to glamourize your wall shelves.

1. Flaunt your art:

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There is no need to spend silver and get exclusive masterpiece for your wall shelf. Instead, you can use the old fragments which are no longer useful, renovate them and create a superb masterpiece for decoration. You will get plenty of such articles in your kitchen, one such article being old glass vessels which you can use as a flower vase. So gather up all your treasures and create an amazing display.

2. Create A Criss- Cross grouping:

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A proper grouping of articles with contrasting hues can give an enchanting look to your plain wall. While grouping, you should take care of the texture of the articles you display. Single light coloured articles all over can create a dull look, while too dark or shimmery colours can create a gaudy display. Choose colours which perfectly complement each other. For example, you can opt for violet-blue and white combination.

3. Stack Books Supplementing Some Masterstrokes:

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Adding attractive masterstrokes helps in drawing the attention of people. Another handy option is to stack books on the sides along with pedestals and knickknacks which help you stagger the height of your wall shelf.

4. Make it Functional:

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You can make your wall shelf functional by arranging cutleries on it, which not only smoothens your work but also give you a chance to expose your rare cutlery collection. You can even turn your wall shelf into a mini bar cabinet on a party eve.

5. Use accessories with deviating heights:

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If you own a big shelf, lining up accessories of same height won't help. The uniformly sized articles placed in an alignment can appear dull and boring. Instead, add a contrast of divergent heights. When gathering accessories for your long wall shelf, make sure you get a combination of short, tall and medium sized articles.

6. Keep It Minimal:

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A simple, streamlined approach can fix well your contemporary living room. You can depict your own style while decorating your wall shelves. If your living room follows a minimalistic style, so can be represented on your wall shelves. A simple arrangement of books supported with standard articles can give your living room a sophisticated look.

You can keep yourself updated with the latest wall shelf designs and can even get it customised on our premium online furniture store – WoodenStreet.

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