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Interesting Ways To Put The Chest Of Drawers Into A Wonderful Use

  • 2017/08/31
  • 277
Interesting Ways To Put The Chest Of Drawers Into A Wonderful Use

Maximised storage place in one's home due to increased articles is a top spot requirement. Thanks to the smart furniture pieces, the storage requirement now is easy to fulfil. Well, bringing in a highboy style is also essential as it is not only the storage need which is to be considered but also an impressive flash which you got to create for all your visitors. The chic chest of drawers makes a smart furniture investment. Considered essential since ancient times, the wooden chest of drawers are still widely accepted due to their versatility. If you get one, you can use it in various ways that add on a spark and solve the storage problem. Here are some of the interesting ways to put your chest of drawers into an efficient use:

1. As A Dressing Table:

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Yes. You heard it right. A chest of drawers can be used as a dressing table in your room. If space is a constraint and you cannot get a dressing table for your room than you can use wooden chest of drawers for the purpose. All you need to do is place it below a mirror. Besides adding a shine to the room, it will get by your needs.

2. To showcase your style artistically:

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The top of the chest of drawers can be used most creatively. You can use it to showcase all your artefacts. A chest of drawers with an open shelf is an excellent mode to create a book display. Not only it will give the required place to your selected books but also allow to maintain the neatness of the place.

3. An add-on to the Bathrooms:

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Having a box room attached to the bathrooms is a common phenomenon these days. Well, not every bathroom affords a cupboard attached, but you might need an additional storage in your bathrooms too. Getting a classy chest of drawers is a brilliant idea in this case. Also, you can use the dressing table idea with your chest of drawers in the bathroom.

4. Use it as a bedside table:

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A low chest with two drawers or so can even be used as a bedside table. Being a bit bigger, it offers more storage space. Thus, this multi functional furniture, in this way, can serve two purposes at the same time.

5. In the entryways in the offices:

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A cool addition to the waiting lounge or the foyer of your office premise can be the chest of drawers. It can hold some of the empty folders, stationery and the duplicate keys of the room. Add a seating bench after it, and it will make an ideal place for the visitors to wait.

In the foyer of your homes, a chest of drawers can be used to hold the hats, keys and your shoes even.

6. A cutlery holder:

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The chest of drawers can even act as an elegant addition to the living or the dining room of the house. The top can even serve as a buffet at the time of hosting parties. No question arises regarding the storage capacity. The drawers allow you to systematically arrange the dishes, spoons, crockery and the napkins.

An ideal furniture gives a lot to you; It depends on how well you use it. The wooden chest of drawers can act as a fantastic addition. Stylish to have, these can be put to several uses. If you are looking for one, do check the latest collection of the chest of drawers online only on WoodenStreet. We offer a premium quality wood crafted furniture at an affordable price. Shopping here, you can get a fair deal by availing some exciting offers and discounts.

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