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Interesting Ways To Style The Poster Beds

  • 2017/06/05
  • 456
Interesting Ways To Style The Poster Beds

Created for its nobility in the 13th century, the poster beds have still managed to sustain its imperial image in the modern epoch. It can be a prime factor to give you a kingly feeling, if you have it for your bedroom, or can even give a fairy tale look to your princess' room. The standout piece, when adorned properly demands nothing else to give a magnificent look to your room. Whether traditional or contemporary, whatever suits your style, there are different ways in which you can design your poster beds, to give your bed room the desired look:


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Originally, the poster beds have evolved from canopy beds, the curtain were hung from the ceiling, and a wooden frame canopy was added to give support, later the wooden frame was replaced with fabric. Well, the traditional idea can still be put to use. You can use the canopies matching the wall colours, giving a perfect contrast to the curtains, or vice-versa. Such bed styles are considered psychologically comforting, and hence the poster bed still maintain its popularity.

Pair with a Headboard:

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You can also pair your poster bed with an upholstered headboard with partial panels on each side which besides comforting you, intensifies the look of your bed. An upholstered headboard beckoned with canopies in a wooden frame can give a sovereign look to your bedroom.

Loose swags:

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This is the easiest and economical way to dress a poster bed. Just drape a piece of fabric over the bed frame and get an elegant look. You can even use two separate cloth pieces to create a parallel balance. You can even play with the side panels; you can place them in such a manner that they are slightly raised above the floor or left to puddle on the floor.


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Taking advantage of the frame support, you can embellish your poster bed with beautiful curtains, and these curtains can be hung with different possibilities, you can either hang them freely towards the post of the bed or can even tie them with a fancy knot on the sides. Also, ensure that the curtains are light weighted, so it becomes easy to move them.

Drapery at the bed head:

You can also place a single drapery panel at the bed head. While getting the drapery, you should take care that the fabric is wavy so that it create pretty twirls and give an elegant look. Alternatively, you can place the draperies only at the sides, to give a cool contemporary look.

Single panel with a knot:

You can even use a single canopy panel that drapes over the bed and tie a single big knot neatly that gives an immaculate look. Although it is a traditional style, it can escalate any modern setting, when tried with a light, diaphanous fabric.

Nothing at all:

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Going bare is not at all a foul when you have some bold design to flaunt. Your bed frame can shimmer without any draperies and swag, creating a classy vertical element.

All these ideas can glorify your bedroom if you have a sturdy poster bed. A wooden framed bed can serve the purpose at its best as wood can beautifully fit in with all the textures and can carry any drape gracefully. You can get the eminent range of wooden poster beds at a modest price on WoodenStreet. You can add more vigour to your furniture piece by getting it customised.

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