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Interior Design And Your Mood: A Strong Connection

  • 2017/07/31
  • 367
Interior Design And Your Mood: A Strong Connection

You must be convinced by the fact that your mood is affected by various factors that surround you. Be it the personal factors like well being of your near and dear ones or a natural factor like the weather. Astonishingly, one factor is the interior design of your home too. Yes, various studies have exhibited that the interior design of one's mansion can primarily affect his behaviour and mood. Indeed, if you are in a place which considers all your need, you will be contented and happy. But sadly the bond between the emotions and interior design is often overlooked. As per numerous psychological studies, if you design the interior of your place wisely, it can uplift your mood. All you need to do is take care of these small factors:

1. A Wide Arena:

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The space configuration of your room affects the behaviour and emotions largely. A study in psychology reveals that the ceiling of a room also has an impact on the sense of freedom and environment that an individual prefers. It is also believed that people remain more focused and creative in a room with high ceiling.

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Furthermore, a stacked room leads to an uncomfortable environment and can even result in problems like claustrophobia. It is important to design a bedroom that is spacious. If you have limited space in your bedroom then you can get some space saving, multiutility furniture that serves the purpose without acquiring much of the area, one such furniture being wall shelves; Without acquiring much floor space, this furniture piece gives you a chance to personify your room, bestowing you with extra storage.

2. Positive Elements:

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A desolated environment can generate negativity in a house, bringing in the feelings of stress anxiety and fear. Whereas, getting in some consolidated elements of nature enhance peace, provide an optimal atmosphere and is even good for recovery and healing. It is desirable to have a small lawn or a garden in a house. But, if your apartment doesn't allow you to do so, you can bring in planters that you can place in the balcony or at the entrance of your flat. Not only it affects the emotional well-being of a person but also helps in creating hygiene and improves health.

3. Colour Scheme:

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The colour scheme is a personal choice. But be careful while choosing colours for your place as each colour can evoke different moods of a person. So while determining the colour scheme do not just consider the look of your place; ask yourself how you wish to feel in a particular area. In psychology, different colours have different insinuations. For instance, colours like red and purple are known for stimulation and passion and some earthy colours like green, blue and yellow are known to promote, comfort, peace and happiness. The White colour is the widely accepted one as it makes a place look spacious, fantastically complements the lighting and is considered refreshing.

The present-day interior design is remodelled, not just limited to give a fascinating look to a place, but to soothe the soul of the occupier. But, beyond question, the interior design has an impact on the subconscious drive of an individual. You can look at the factors above to create a better interior for your place, and can also get the latest interior designs online on various interior design websites. WoodenStreet is one such website that can design the interior of your place magnificently. Our in-house team gives the best shot to transform the look of your place keeping in mind your peace and harmony. To know more, visit

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