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Is Your Bedroom As Healthier As it Should Be?

  • 2016/11/09
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Is Your Bedroom As Healthier As it Should Be?

Your bedroom is the most adored area of your abode, isn’t it? You spend a considerate amount of time there to relax and sleep, but are you aware that your bedroom is not as healthy as it should be? Experts at Wooden Street convey that the major entities of the bedroom make your sleeping chamber unhealthy. Shocked?

It is seen that folks in India have started shopping stuff like mattress, pillows and bed online to decorate their abode. This makes the area look exquisite, but ultimately some health hazards are ignored. Given below are a few of them so that you can consider them for your better health.

Toxic Components

In counterparts of beds, the use of cotton and foam is extremely high. These substances are extremely inflammable and to reduce the inflammability, certain flame retardants are added. These are the major heath hazards and can give rise to several respiratory problems.

Sticky Dust That is Hard to Get Rid Of

On an average, human body oozes about 8-10oz of liquid every night. This moisture along with the dust particles form a layer of dust that is extremely difficult to get rid of. You can prevent this layer from getting intact by exposing your bed and its counterparts to the sun.

Overly Fluffy Mattress

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The mattress that sinks you within itself is dangerous. Yes, it is reported by doctors that sleeping on an irregular surface gives rise to back issues. To ensure the heath of your back, you should prefer a firmer mattress over the fluffy one.

Magnetic Effect

It is reported by the researchers that excessive amount of metal in your bedroom can alter the magnetic field in the area. This may hamper your sleeping schedule. To assure proper sleep, you should have a check on metals in your sleeping chamber.


Most of the bed accessories are made up of wool and cotton. Unless you are using the organic ones, you cannot be sure of the quality of these as well because they are treated with concentrated chemicals and pesticides to kill the micro-organisms present within them. These too are harmful enough.

These are some of the health hazards that you need to consider. Although the bedroom looks clean, it is not 100% healthier.

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At Wooden Street, we have abundant of beautifully designed wooden beds for you so that your health is not at all compromised. Apart from all the online shopping benefits, we offer an exclusive provision of custom made furniture for our customers. You can personalise your furniture unit on some specific parameters such as wood, size and finish.

In case of any confusion, you can instantly connect with our 24*7 live customer care support who are capable of guiding you in your dilemma.

Stay healthy and have a beautiful day!

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