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Jute Carpets

With the growing interest in decorating homes, Jute Carpets or Jute Rugs has compelled many people through its mesmerizing appeal and comfort. If you want to adorn your floor with such beauty, Wooden Street presents the fantastic collection of Jute Carpets online at the best rates. From giving your home a traditional to stylish look, from a rectangular shape to round jute rugs, we have everything you desire under one roof. So, give your floors a soft, warm and comfortable feeling with our designer styles and patterns by scrolling this page!

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What are Jute Carpets and how are they processed?

Jute is a long and shiny grass found in Asia, which is woven to form a beautiful jute carpet or rug. It is well known and popular as “golden fiber” due to its color and cost-effectiveness. The interesting part about growing jute fiber is that they hardly need any fertilizers or pesticides. The stems after harvested from the plant, are steeped into the slow running water orderly to allow for bacteria for dissolving the adhesive materials holding the fibers together. Then, the non-fibrous materials are scrapped off in a process that is known as “Stripping.” Furthermore, these are separated and then washed, dried, graded and then sent to Jute mills, where they are again processed into Jute yarn.

Why should one buy Jute Rugs or Carpets for their home?

Following are some reasons that why Jute rugs or carpets are highly recommended in buying to embellish the beauty of your home: -

  1. Quickly changes the overall look and feel of the room: The designs and patterns of jute carpets online captured the attention of many household owners. Apart from its captivating look, it gives a soothing texture to your room as well as your skin when you stand barefoot or when you sit. Many professionals recommend buying jute rugs as they give excellent functionality and quickly change the aesthetic appeal of the room wherever you place them.
  2. Medicinal Health Benefits: Jute Rugs have a specialty to trap dust particles from their surface and offer a clean and safe environment. The dust particles are dangerous and cause various respiratory diseases. Hence, they are beneficial to the persons who are suffering from dust-mite allergic problems. Furthermore, they are soundproof so that one can easily walk through without making any noises and every time you walk on, you will get a relaxing massage on your feet.
  3. Utmost Durability- Long life: One of the important reasons behind the famous choice for Jute Carpets among the people is its long-lasting nature. It is a natural fiber; that’s why they are soft, smooth and comfortable. No matter what designer look you buy, they never go out of trend and offer the same functionality for long decades.
  4. 100% Environmental Friendly: Jute Rugs are natural fibers; therefore, they are completely processed without requiring any machinery that emits greenhouse gases and produces pollution. Thus, they are truly biodegradable as compared to synthetic fibers.
  5. Easy to clean and maintenance: Easily maintained products are one of the important factors that what the customers want. When it comes to Jute rugs or carpets, they are easy to clean and maintain. If there any stains or spillages by accident, then it can be wiped away from soft cotton cloth. Also, once or thrice a week, proper vacuuming is the simplest way to maintain the jute carpets from any dust or spillages.

Explore the Types of Jute Rugs Online @ Wooden Street

Check out the different styles or types of jute rugs available with us and find the perfect one for your home.

  • Patchwork Jute Carpet - Patchwork is known as “piece work,” which is an art form of needlework that involves sewing together the parts of fabric into a larger design. The strips of fabric can be joined by hand or done by machine stitching. For example, you can look at our Patchwork Ripple Jute Chindi Braided Round Rug - 3 x 3 Feet gives a colorful look at the best rates for your room.
  • Handwoven Jute Carpet - The handwoven Jute rug defines the category that is woven by hand or any un-powered loom. Also, it looks appealing in your room which transforms the entire look from ‘blah’ to fantastic. For more details, check our Multicolour Hand Woven Jute and Chindi Rug - 6 x 4 Feet, Blue Hand Woven Jute Rectangular Rug - 6 x 4 Feet, Multicolour Hand Woven Jute and Chindi Round Rug - 4 x 4 Feet etc.
  • Chindi Jute Carpet - As the name implies from “chindi” means waste. When produced after stripping, the excess products are again weaved into a new charismatic design, such type of carpet is called Chindi carpets. Multicolour Woven Chindi and Jute Round Rug - 6 x 6 Feet, Multi-Colour Hand Woven Jute and Chindi Round Rug - 4 x 4 Feet, Patchwork Ripple Jute Chindi Braided Round Rug - 3 x 3 Feet are some of the examples that feature this category.
  • Rectangular Shape Jute carpet - We have enormous options for rectangular shape carpets used to decorate the space and gives a warmth feeling. Like, Blue Hand Woven Jute Rectangular Rug - 5 x 3 Feet, Brown Natural Jute Yarn Flatweave Dhurrie 4 x 6 Feet, Multicolour Hand Woven Jute and Chindi Rug - 6 x 4 Feet, Natural and White Hand Woven Jute Rectangular Rug - 8 x 5 Feet, Blue Hand Woven Jute Rectangular Rug - 8 x 5 Feet etc.
  • Round Shape Jute Carpet - WoodenStreet has ample options for jute rugs of square shape that can be placed anywhere in your room and brighten up your room aesthetics quickly. If you are looking for such, we have Patchwork Ripple Jute Chindi Braided Round Rug - 3 x 3 Feet, Earthy Ripple Jute Braided Round Rug - 3 x 3 Feet, Multicolour Woven Jute Round Rug - 6 x 6 Feet, Multicolour Hand Woven Jute and Chindi Round Rug - 4 x 4 Feet, Multi-Colour Hand Woven Jute and Chindi Round Rug - 4 x 4 Feet etc.

Benefits of buying Jute Carpets From WoodenStreet

If you are looking for a jute carpet for intensifying the accent of your floors, then your search process will halt at WoodenStreet. As we offer a wide collection to our customers and along with that, fantastic perks while shopping. Such as :-

  • Fun and Enjoyable Online Shopping Experience: The best thing that happens in buying any products online is to receive inviting discounts and offers from time to time and season to season. WoodenStreet promises to serve high-grade quality furniture products at the best timely deals.
  • Hassle-free Shopping: We provide free shipping charges and easy return policies to make your shopping experience easier and reliable. Furthermore, low-cost EMI options and full time i.e. 24*7 customer service support, to do the shopping without any tensions or hurdles.
  • Prime Quality and durable products: WoodenStreet is dedicated to crafting all the home furnishing accessories with supreme and prime content. This will increases the lifetime and make the investment-worthy.;
  • Vast range of Collection: WoodenStreet holds a wide range of collections at an affordable range of prices. With this, they also have exclusive styles and patterns of designs that make us different from others.

Top Most Picks of Jute Carpets From WoodenStreet

1. Patchwork Ripple Jute Chindi Braided Round Rug - 3 x 3 Feet

This is a round-shaped patchwork design of a rug that is finely crafted by jute material. If placed this jute rug near a lounge chair or near the center table, it completely changes the aura of your room. Also, you can grab the attention of many eyeballs at the rate of just Rs. 649/- only.

2. Blue Hand Woven Jute Rectangular Rug - 6 x 4 Feet

This art piece of work is woven completely by hand which is made by recycled fabric and braided jute. This is reversible and showcases an extremely durable nature. You can place it either under a coffee table or bedroom to enjoy the charming beauty of this design. Plus, you can have this at a price of Rs. 2499/- only.

3. Multicolour Hand Woven Jute and Chindi Round Rug - 4 x 4 Feet

Beauty with functionality! This is what this design speaks. This Jute rug also reflects the traditional and vintage look to your room decor and is beautifully textural with subtle coloration that will bring a unique and natural-looking element to any living space. So, capture such captivating appeal at just Rs. 1,999/- only.

Wooden Street also provides carpets in a different variety of fabrics and designs like area carpets , Shaggy Carpets, Hand Tufted Carpets, Nylon Carpets. So without any second thoughts, buy carpet and rugs online in India from our wide range of living room floor carpets for home at competitive prices.

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