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Kids Bookshelves

A bookshelf for kids in their bedroom is an essential part of snoozing the mountain of books on the floor or on the bed. Well, saying this, WoodenStreet features an extensive collection of kids bookshelves online blended with functionality and aesthetical beauty. Whether your demands are of sleek designs or a bookshelf for a cosy corner, our artisans have worked hard to design exquisite book racks for kids. Buy kids bookshelves online from WoodenStreet to create the focal attention for your avid reader children.  


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Your feedback is valuable to us. Please share more details about your experience, so we can help improve WoodenStreet for everyone.
Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
How do you make a kids book rack at home?

To make a kids book rack at home, follow the steps mentioned below: 1. Measure your space: First determine the place where you want to put up the book rack. And the measure its dimensions. Now accordingly, draw a bookshelf design on a piece of paper. 2. Choose the material: The next step is to determine the ideal material to make a kids book rack at home. You can choose cardboard, plywood, MDF, or solid wood. It is completely subjective. 3. Prepare the draft: Now cut the draft of actual size on a hard paper or a soft cardboard and flue it together according to the designed shape, to achieve perfection in your final product. 4. Cut the legs, shelves and support: Now if the draft is a perfect fit for your available space, then its time to cut the legs, shelves and support of the kids book rack from the material you choose. 5. Attach the support to the legs: The lowest supports must be recessed because the bookshelf has a kickplate to cover the area underneath the bottom shelf. Attach the supports to the legs with glue and nails. Use 3D nails to secure it in all four corners. 6. Assemble the box: Assemble all the shelves in the box, glue them together and then secure it with nails. Make sure to use nails in every corner and use after every few inches in the back side of the kids bookcase. 7. Level the book shelf: Now its time to level the kids bookshelf. Trim off all the extra and make it symmetrical. Voila, your kids book rack is ready. Now decorate it with pots, picture frames, fairy lights and books. 8. Finish the Looks: The last step includes giving the kids book rack a finishing touch by coating it your preferred finish option. Involve your kids in painting the bookshelf.

How to organize children's bookshelf?

To organize a children’s bookshelf effectively, follow the simple 3 steps mentioned below: 1. Choose a headquarter. It is the control center where majority of books will go. 2. Minimize before you actually organize. Remove all the unwanted books and declutter your space. 3. Design access points. The important books should be placed such that they are completely visible and are in easy access to the kids. You can make their covers visible.

How to decorate a kids bookshelf?

Decorate a kids bookshelf in 5 easy steps as mentioned below: 1. Stuff the bookshelf with miniature toys of your kid’s likings. 2. Use woven basket or cute laundry baskets in the shelves for managing the clutter effectively. 3. Add picture frames to give the kids bookshelf a personalized touch. 4. Use various colorful accessories to make it vibrant and catchy for your kids. 5. Give it a finishing look by fairy lights or decorative lighting solutions.

How much does wooden kids bookshelf cost?

The cost of wooden kids bookshelves can be as low as Rs. 1800 and can go as high as Rs. 15000. The price vary according to the size of the bookshelf and material of the wood.

What do you put on kids bookshelves in a kids room?

You can put many things on kids bookshelves in a kids room, such as stuffed animals, picture frames, miniature toys, story books, other books and novels, picture albums, table clock, etc. You can also put all the toys in a basket and keep this basket on the kids bookshelf, if you have this much of space on your kids bookshelf.

Customer Stories
They love us because....
Kids Bookshelves Online in Mumbai at Low PriceView Product
I was looking for very basic and simple kids bookshelves for my 12 year old daughter’s room. The Astra Open Bookshelf is exactly the kind of shelf I was looking for. It is neither too complicated nor too basic and looks very modern. My daughter absolutely loves it.

Darsh Acharya Mumbai

Kids Bookshelves Online in Bangalore at Low PriceView Product
I bought the Sia kids Book Shelf in the flowery wenge finish for my twin sons’ room. Its interesting design has fascinated my kids and they are obsessed with it. They have arranged all their comics and books so well in it that I really need to thank WoodenStreet for coming up with such a cool bookshelf for kids.

Hiral Ahuja Bangalore

Kids Bookshelf Online in Delhi at Low PriceView Product
My son wanted a compact kids bookshelf with a fun element to it. That is why, I bought the Calde Book Shelf with Storage for him. Its doors are of white colours and that is what sold it to me. Even my son loves it. Good job!

Jihan Bakshi Delhi

Kids Bookshelf Online in Chennai at Low PriceView Product
Finding a decently priced closed kids bookshelf is way tougher than you can imagine. After a lot of searches, I finally bought the Astra Closed Bookshelf from WoodenStreet for my daughter’s room. It is a good bookshelf to go for if you are looking for something compact and simple.

Ridhi Banerjee Chennai

Kids Bookshelves Online in Bangalore at Low PriceView Product
While looking for a bookshelf for my little sister’s room, I came across the Ren Book Shelf with Storage at WoodenStreet. I swear, it was love at first sight and I knew I had to get it. Moreover, my sister’s favourite colour is yellow and I gifted this to her on her birthday. She was happy. Thanks for making her birthday so special. We loved it!

Nihal Bedi Bangalore

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