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King Size Bed vs. the Queen Size Bed – The Ideal one for your home

  • 2017/01/02
  • 516
King Size Bed vs. the Queen Size Bed – The Ideal one for your home

While buying a bed for your home there could be one question that may haunt your mind - Should you go for a king size bed or a queen size bed?

However, unless you understand the difference between the two you will not be able to answer this question.

These are a few things that you need to know before you decide on the right bed for you:


Although both king size and a queen size bed are of the same length (80 inches), they vary in width. While a king size bed measures 76 inches in width, the queen size bed size is about 60 inches. Two average sized people can easily sleep on a king size bed with each person getting about 38 inches of space. On a queen size bed you get about 30 inches of space.

Nevertheless, if you want to buy a king size bed for your home, you will need a lot of space. While this could be ideal for the master bedroom, queen size beds are perfect for guest rooms and smaller bedrooms.


Yes, a king size bed is much larger than a queen bed; but it is definitely more expensive too. You will have to pay more even while buying the mattress and the bedding. Also, you never know if it is really worth paying so much more for a king size bed. There are many things that take up the money – the linens, the box-springs and even the bed-frame. If cost is a deciding factor it would definitely make sense to buy a queen size bed online.


Queen size beds are definitely more popular than king size beds. As per a survey, 32% of mattress purchases belong to Queen size bedswhile only a 7% belong to king size beds. They are usually chosen when the people who are to sleep on it are too tall or big.


While king size beds are more comfortable than queen size beds, they are also too heavy to move from one bedroom to the other. They seem very impractical for use in small homes and apartments where the room sizes are small. You should have at least two feet of space around the king bed, once you put it in your room. Also, you need to think of the other furniture that you are going to place in the room such as dressers, nightstands etc. Considering the space factor and the movability it seems better to buy queen size bed online.


If you are a person who would like to change your home décor every now and then, you would be changing your curtains and bed spreads too. It is much easier and cheaper to buy bedding and bed spreads for queen size beds when compared to king size beds. You can even go for a queen size bed with storage and store all the extra beddings that you buy. So, this is one more thing you need to consider while looking for king size or queen size beds online.

If queen size bed is your choice, here is a little information on the different mattress sizes available. While a standard queen size bed measures 60” x 80” there are various other non-standard mattresses such as:

• Olympic Queen or the Expanded Queen: This mattress measures 66” x 80”, which is much wider than the standard one

• California Queen: This is a waterbed mattress which is about four inches more in length when compared to a standard queen size mattress.

• Split queen: This is a mattress that is split down in the middle, each half measuring 30” by 80”. If you keep shifting your bed from one room to other or keep changing homes, this is a better option to go for.

Keep all this in mind before running your search on “queen size bed online India.” You will then make the best choice.

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