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King Size Mattress


King Size Bed Mattress is for those sleepoholics who feel like dropping their body down on the bed, spreading their limbs freely and heavily on the soft and comfortable mattress. Get high quality king size mattress, available online in a number of filler material such as coir, foam and spring—each one suited for a different type of comfort. The king size mattresses also come with tufting as well which is great for preparing a comfortable bedding

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    King Size Mattress : Never Feel Like Getting UP

    King Size Mattresses are spacious mattresses for a couple and a kid. But, it isn’t just a sleeping bedding for two. The mattress has been called ‘King size’ for a reason—it fulfills your dreams for living (and sleeping) just like a king. This bed mattress is also great if you want to lie, uncaring and undisturbed, lost in the maze of blankets and pillows.

    King Size mattress is spacious enough, where two people can sleep comfortably. We have floral designs of mattresses that look good even without a bedsheet on. These mattresses are made of breathable bonded foam, which support back and shoulder well. These are thick mattresses that are made in ‘A’ grade material, because of which the mattresses stay long for years to come. Beguiling designs of king size mattress can be found at the Wooden Street website. All of these are Kurl-On mattresses at the Wooden Street website.

    Comfortable King Size Mattress : Snort Out Aloud!

    We have king size bed mattresses in three filler materials, Coir, Pocket Spring and bonded foam. Each of the mattress types have their own level of comfort, depending upon personal needs.

    • King Size mattress dimensions are either 78” X 72” or 72” X 72”, which is enough spacious to enjoy the best kind of naps or sleeps.
    • These mattresses are either 5 inches or 6 inches thick, which is more than enough to provide the comfort of the greatest level
    • While Mermaid, New Ortho and Kurlo are 5 inches in width, the Relish model is 6 inches thick, which has pocket spring as its filler material.
    • The coir type mattresses have rubberised coir over the inside coir, which provides enough cushion, conducive to comfortable sleeping.
    • At the top side of the mattress, we have polyurethane foam which is further covered with soft polyurethane foam quilt that provides comfort of the highest level.
    • The fabric at the top is quilted, which provides a much smoother finish.
    • The Bonded foam variety have breathable bonded foam as its filler material for extra cushion to the ventral side of the body. Back and shoulder remain well relaxed while sleeping on a bonded foam mattress.
    • The top is covered with memory foam and is further covered with memory foam quilt for a soft sleeping space.
    • Pocket spring mattresses have a good suspension system that provides cushion without deforming the mattress.
    • Thermobond felt fibers, which is made of recycled cotton, is best for keeping the suspension system isolated from the top sleeping area.

    Durable King Size Mattresses: Stays Well for Years and Days

    All the king mattresses available at the Wooden Street website are durable and can stand easily for at least 10-15 years. The foams used are of top-notch quality and do not sag easily, and keep the top surface flat and well-aligned for a restful sleep.

    King Size Bed Mattress: Upkeep and Maintain with No Strain

    You wouldn’t have to commit a larger part of your time for keeping the mattress clean and dust free. These mattresses for king size bed would stay in great condition by flipping in once a year and occasional vacuuming. Frequent monthly dusting would be more than enough for keeping it in upkeep condition. All the mattresses are hypo-allergenic and do not harbour germs or mites, specially the memory foam that is used in these mattresses is great for keeping the mattresses bacteria free. These mattresses are great for allergy sufferers.

    Coir Type of Mattresses: Adieu to Back Ache

    • -> The Coir type King Size Mattress such as the New Ortho King Size Mattress has coir at the bottom.
    • -> Models such as the Kurlo Bond mattress has breathable foam covered in rubberised coir. It is good for those who are troubled by back aches, for these mattresses are great for keeping the back aligned and straight.
    • -> Coir is the husk from the outer covering of coconut. The inside coir is covered in breathable bonded foam and further covered with quilted fabric, which provides soft cushion for having a sound sleep.

    Pocket Spring Mattresses: Never Sag, Stays flat

    • -> Pocket springs mattresses are the thickest mattresses.
    • -> These mattresses are breathable and are better than fully foamed mattresses, which do not allow enough air to flow through.
    • -> These have memory foam which is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, such king mattress stay fresh, hygienic and is resistant from dust and mites.
    • -> These king size bed mattresses are good for correct spinal alignment
    • -> You can rely on the durability of these mattresses for durability and can last for 10-15 years.
    • -> These are light weight mattresses and can be easily removed from the top of the bed, and can be great for keeping on storage type of beds. If you frequently use the storage below the bed, these mattresses can serve in the best way.

    Bonded Foam Mattresses: Breathe Well

    • -> These king size mattresses are filled in with bonded foam which is made by the process of re-compression, where polyurethane material is stacked and compressed under tremendous pressure.
    • -> The re-compressed rubber is great for providing a healthier and comfortable sleep for years.
    • -> Memory foam in these king size bed mattresses is what makes them antibacterial and easily breathable by providing free air flow.

    King Size Mattress Online at Wooden Street: You Dream, We Deliver

    Wooden Street has a good range of mattresses of almost all popular sorts, suited to comfort levels of different individual needs. The King Size Mattresses that we provide are both in 72” X 72” and 72” X 78” dimensions. The thickness and the space are great for years of healthy sleep. The quilted fabrics are smoother in finish and great for back support and spine alignment, which tends to relieve pain. No matter in what position you sleep you will find it comfortable. All the mattresses provided at the Wooden Street are Kurl On mattresses which hold a renowned name in the mattress market for years. Buying King Size mattresses online from Wooden Street can be beneficial because we do not charge anything for shipping and handling. You can also benefit from our easy return and No cost EMI services.

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    king size mattress dimensions 72 inch by 72 inch
    After researching a lot, I finally decided to buy the mattress online, and the one that I bought is the New ortho king size mattress in thickness 5 inch and of coir type. Ever since I have got this mattress, I have been sleeping properly and did not experience any back pain. Highly recommend it to everyone!! Thanks for the best quality and on-time delivery Wooden Street.
    Sujata Garg Navi Mumbai
    buy king size bed mattress online
    I have shopped a lot from the wooden street as I had to set-up my new apartment, they have the best collection of wooden furniture. They recently introduced the range of mattresses, and I couldn’t stop myself by giving it a chance. The Mermaid 5 inch bonded foam mattress is the one that I own. The quality is top notch, and the print on the mattress is pretty. Have been the customer of Wooden Street, looking forward to buy more from you guys. Thanks a lot, WS team!!
    Vijay Sehgal Bengaluru
    new king mattress online India
    Goodbye to the back aches!! The Relish pocket spring king size mattress is the best mattress I have bought. I sleep like a baby on it, my wife and my kids love the soft foam layer of this mattress. The delivery of the product was quite impressive, and I received the product all wrapped up and secure. The quality of kurl-on mattress is beyond my imagination! Go ahead guys gift your bed the best mattress!! Thanks a ton, Wooden Street!!!!
    Kartik Rao Hyderabad
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