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King Size V/S Queen Size Beds

  • 2017/07/03
  • 503
King Size V/S Queen Size Beds

When shopping for the bedroom furniture, the toughest choice is to be made while shopping for the beds. Well, adorning the bedroom with a lavish masterpiece is desired by all. For the master bedroom, you must have heard the two common bed types, that is, the King size and the queen size beds. Both the beds may appear same but have a relative difference and distinguishing features. It may not be necessary that a king size and a queen sized bed, both are comfortable for a person and can spruce up a room equally as every room and person has different requirements. Let's find out what's the major difference between a king sized and a queen sized bed, and which one is suitable for your room:

The difference between a King sized and a Queen Sized bed:

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The standard king sized and queen sized beds are similar in length but differ in width. The former is wider but latter is low in width.

A king size bed offers approximately 38 inches of width per person whereas a queen sized bed offers 30 inches of width per person.

The Queen sized mattress is narrower as compared to the King Sized mattresses.

The King sized beds require larger space as compared to the Queen sized beds.

The price depends on various factors like the material, mattresses, manufacturers, etc. But the king sized beds are relatively expensive than the queen sized beds.

Factors To Consider While Buying:

• Space required while sleeping:

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While buying a bed, the major factor to be considered is Comfort. Undoubtedly, both the bed offer comfort but if you require more space while sleeping then prefer a king sized bed as it is wider. If, both you and your partner have a considerable weight than going for a king sized bed is a preferable option.

• Dimensions of the room:

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Dimensions of a place play a vital role in designing the interior and so is the case with beds. Before getting the appropriate bed, you should measure the dimensions and determine the shape of your bedroom. If your bedroom is lengthier but not wide, than opting for a Queen sized bed would be preferable, whereas if your bedroom has a sufficient length and width than you can go for a king sized bed.

• Bed dress time:

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Just getting a bed is not enough, maintaining it is essential too. So you should also ponder over the fact that you can give the required time for dressing your bed or not. A king size bed requires more time in getting dressed. Being wider, its sheets are harder to iron and harder to rotate.

• Your Preference:

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Ultimately, your bed will be a comforting zone for you and no one else. So, while buying one, do consider your personal taste. If you prefer a more cosy area than you can go for a queen sized bed, while if you like sprawling out in the entire space, you should get a King sized bed.

• Budget:

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Budget is an important factor which cannot be underestimated while buying any furniture piece. Although there is not much difference in the price of both the beds, a king sized bed is relatively expensive. Being in a budget constraint, if you wish to adore your master bedroom with a royal bed, you can go for a queen sized bed. Various additional features like the upholstery, a raised back support, the different wood finish can aid in giving an absolute look to the bedroom.

So before getting the ideal bed, do consider all the factors. In order to ease your task, you can now shop the amazing beds online. On India's first furniture online customisation store – WoodenStreet, you can get your bed customised as per your style.

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