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Krishna Janamashtami Celebration at Woodenstreet

  • 2016/08/25
  • 500
Krishna Janamashtami Celebration at Woodenstreet

In India, the divergent cultures and festivals are practiced and celebrated by all the Indians with an equal amount of zeal and fervor. This speaks a lot about the heritage of India and the love and unity imbibed in its Natives. We all know that no nation, other than ours celebrates so many festivals. We do it because festivals are the harbinger of happiness and joy that induce harmony and the sense of humanity.

One such Festival is Janamashtami. This is the day when Thousands of years ago, Lord Krishna, the powerful avatar of the creator of the Universe Lord Vishnu, were Born. He culminated all the evils and enlightened people about the path of truth and benevolence. Since then, his birthday is celebrated with the great pomp and show, all across India.

Janmashtmi Celebration With Woodenstreet

So, this year at Wooden street, the team wanted to break the monotony and celebrate Janamashtami, to let in some blessings, fun and creativity. Our team of Logical Gurus, Code warriors, and Social (Media) enthusiasts gathered together to begin the day with Shree Krishna Aarti, which made the atmosphere pure and blissful.

After the Aarti had ended, everybody was distributed the panchamrit bhog and maakhan mishri, something that Lord Krishna was fond of. And, then followed some more fun. It is said that Lord Krishna was very notorious as a kid, still, had the hearts of all the people of their Village. So, all the employees were asked to share one funny mischief of their childhood. The incidents shared by some were hilarious, while the others were just so scary!

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And the hilarious most was the one shared by one of our managers, who confessed that he used to eat only half of the rasgulla and kept the other half back in the bowl of syrup. This kept the rasgulla floating, and the mommy never came to know about the decrease in the quantity, until she reached to have one.

And all the laughter and fun ended with the loud “Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki”!

Happy Janamashtami people.

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