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Latest Coffee tables to pump up the style while you sip your coffee

  • 2016/10/03
  • 842
Latest Coffee tables to pump up the style while you sip your coffee

Whether it is about making some crucial life decisions or about relieving ourselves from stress, a brewed cup of coffee or tea has always been a savior. If you have a living room that has no coffee table, then you must by now, be very well aware of the importance of this furniture product. A coffee table generally sits in front of the sofa, thus amplifying the ambiance manifold. The shape and size of the coffee table depend completely on two things; one is the choice of the owner and second is the measure of how much the coffee table complements the sofa and the major decor of the room.

No person, ever, buys a coffee table just to decorate it with the sofas and complete the look. A coffee table can be a platform to help you keep the drinks while you sit comfortably. It can be a place where your kids finish up their last moment work, or you sit and let your creativity blossom. So, a coffee table’s contribution can’t be undermined. Some coffee tables are even used as art deco, and stacking some magazines next to such meticulously designed, and exclusive coffee tables can make you feel like on an exotic vacation.

So, following are such latest coffee table designs launched by Woodenstreet, so as to make the most of your investment:

1.Colten Coffee Table:

Colten Coffee Table

The ultimately minimalist design having the square shaped open box-like table top and the square shaped legs make it unique and intriguing. The sturdy table top with black finish legs makes the entire design uniquely contemporary, along with making way for some storage. All the newspapers and magazines can neatly be organized in the space underneath.

2.Gideon Coffee Table:

Gideon Coffee Table

Two massive drawers hidden under the traditional and exemplary coffee table can be a design you are looking forward to. Along with being your favorite furniture partner in good time, coffee table will now support immense storage as well! This implies that you will now be able to stack all the sofa covers or any other storage belonging to the living room, inside those big drawers, that will open up with a gentle pull.

3.Octavia Coffee Table:

Ocatvia Coffee Table

You demanded complete solace, and there you go with this brilliantly designed Octavia Coffee table. This has a pair of two upholstered ottomans as well; that will make you feel the best. To enjoy the perks of having a coffee table you do not have to sit in front of almost everyone in the living area, in fact, you can just keep this coffee table set somewhere in some corner and get lost in your world of ideas and imaginations. Just bring out the stool and there you go with this intrinsically designed coffee table.

4.Patricia Coffee Table:

Patricia Coffee Table

Simple, yet sturdy and sophisticated are the terms that define Patricia coffee table. This rounded coffee table can be an ultimate space saving and lightweight furniture that will be an appropriate addition to your compact living room. And the ease with which you can move this table around, almost anywhere in the house, is unmatched.

5.Zibar Coffee Table:

Zibar-coffee Table

The Very creative design of the coffee table is this wheeled Zibar coffee table. It looks antique and can immensely accentuate the lavishness of the living aura. This is some out of the box design, and that will definitely be the show-stealer of your living room. It looks very simple and luxuriant and has acceptably lightweight, which makes it easy to move it around. Being derived from the high-quality wood, it won’t be a delicate masterpiece, so you can simply keep it for years down the lane.

6.Ziegler Coffee Table:

Ziegler coffee table

Exceptional carvings on one side and a clean hollow box-like structure on the other makes this design a visual treat. You can sophistic-ally partition the space and organize the storage neatly. Everything can be done precisely, and the look of the table depends on the way you arrange your magazines or books, at the nearest possible distance.

These coffee tables ensure quality and can effortlessly perform multiple functions along with boosting the luxuriance of your room. This could be an investment worth ornamenting the center of your home with. So just rush to avail the amazing discount and deals at Woodenstreet!

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