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Let Your Bedroom Relish A Delightful Treat

  • 2017/08/17
  • 249
Let Your Bedroom Relish A Delightful Treat

Adding panache to the bedroom is desired by many. Whether you have a giant master bedroom or a small one, making it the ultimate comforting zone is in your hands. A charismatic appeal is not the only thing; the ideal bedroom should have space for storage, proper furniture and a lot more. But the task becomes more challenging if you have limited square footage. To resolve your dubieties, we have come up with some easy tips that you should consider while designing your bedroom. Besides giving a mesmerizing look, it will also help you create a soothing soul atmosphere. Here are 6 easy tips that will help you make the most out of your bedroom:

1. Go for light colours:

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The colour scheme decides the base of the room. Many of you must be fond of bold colours but go for the dark colour scheme only if you have a large bedroom. For small bedrooms, light shades are generally preferred. Light colours make a room look spacious and also increase the brightness. Even if you wish to go bold, do not go for dull colours like grey. Choose the colours which create a bright aura and eliminate dullness from the room.

2. Feature your bed wall:

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This is a great idea for making a focal point; make your bed wall the star of the bedroom. You can get featured paint colour or wallpaper, or can even create a gallery above your bed on the wall. You can experiment with something unusual like a headboard or can even give a solid wood texture to your bed wall. This can give a magnificent look to your place and work well for small as well as the big rooms.

3. Choose the appropriate furniture layout:

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Undoubtedly, the furniture is the heart and soul of the place. So, while choosing your bedroom furniture be on guard as it will determine the entire look. Do prefer getting a complete set. A bedroom has a uniformly designed furniture imparts a luxurious look.

4. Connect with the outdoor:

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Astonishingly, your room will feel larger if you connect it with the outdoors. This is because it will get more of natural light. You can connect your bedroom with terrace, balcony or a garden. If not possible, you can add a full window giving a complete view. Further, supplement it with beautiful curtains to enhance your place. Also, ensure that the curtains are light absorbing so that they can block the unwanted sunlight. You can also go for sun-proof glasses for your window.

5. Use the ceilings:

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You can be a bit more creative by using the ceilings to hang some decorative items. This idea would do a great work for small rooms. It will free the area below and create a focal point. You can hang chandeliers above or lamps on both the sides of the bed. You can also hang pendant lights which make the room feel lighter and gives an illusion of greater volume inside the room.

6. Float on the wall:

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For a small bedroom design, a smart trick to create more space is by floating furniture on the wall. The wall shelves can serve the purpose here. You can even get a wall mounted TV stand with storage. This provides you with additional storage, helping you de clutter the mess. Some of the furniture like bedside tables can also be affixed to the wall, leaving the floor space.

When it comes to designing your place, you can use your creativity at heights. However, if you need any consultation, we are there to help you out. WoodenStreet is India's first online customization store providing consultation about interior design online. You can even get your entire home designed with us. What all you need to do is just get in touch with our expert team, and they will provide you with the home you admire. To know more visit the interior design section of WoodenStreet.

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