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Let Your Home Get Character And Storage With Chest Of Drawers

  • 2017/08/30
  • 328
Let Your Home Get Character And Storage With Chest Of Drawers

Given how the demand of multi-functionality has been increased more than ever now, we can’t escape from the fact that the chest of drawers is a permanent solution to get your home character and storage. While the storage has a galore of space to stash the belongings, the overall silhouette adds a dash of style. These furnishings were once reserved for the aristocracy; however, the time has gone, and the chests of drawers are now the beautiful odds that are as regular as beds and wardrobes.

Offering endless decorating potential, chest of drawers is an ideal furnishing product for every corner of the home. Ergo, it’s time to look out for this versatile piece of furniture if you don’t own one yet. Without further ado, noted down is everything you need to know about this important piece of home furniture.

Embrace it anywhere:

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One can see chests of drawers a perfect fit everywhere. Either in the hallway or foyer, in the bedroom or the living, they are nice to make an impact at any spot you desire. In a bedroom, for say, you can have a chest of drawer as vanity (just add a mirror above it) or use it as an additional clothing dresser. On the other hand, this furniture can be a media stand in the living room.

Other good places to use this storage beauty are in the bathroom or the kitchen, in the dining or your balcony space. Its portability makes it even more versatile.

What options can you have?

Chests of drawers are timeless pieces to adorn your abode. Thanks to the wide assortment of styles, patterns, colours and finishes, buyers can make a collective choice after ascertaining all the aspects. From conventional to contemporary, rustic to urbane, the varieties are beyond imagination.

1.Austin Chest of Drawers:

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Visualise this chest in a contemporary foyer. Certainly, a show stopper at the place, Austin chest of drawers has the minimum design quotient yet is a standalone charmer. It will add a rustic tinge in your modern decors and wowed by the audience in no time.

2.Carlton Chest of Drawers:

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An ultimate eclectic storage stand, the Carlton chest of drawers gives a modern appeal with ample storage under five drawers. A perfect modern-dose to your living room!!

3.Emily Cabinet of Drawers:

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Now, this is called a multi-utility product. Giving an adventurous look, the Emily cabinet of drawers is a bigger baby offering cabinets and the drawers altogether. The giant wide racks are dense enough to assemble your daily stuff, which you want to exhibit while the drawers do the stashing.

The options are never-ending, and each one is better than the other. Chest of drawers doesn’t need any matching furniture as they are distinctively focusable in their own way.

Ways to decorate the chest

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It’s purely your call that how would you like to dress the chest of drawer standing at the door front or in the bedroom. Nevertheless, there’s no harm in knowing a few suggestions.

1. Lamps at either end would work on a larger chest, in specific. Symmetry is eye-pleasing.

2. A fresh green money-plant or flower bouquet never goes wrong on the surface of the chest. Place a mirror behind them to double the effect.

3. Use bigger knick-knacks to place on the chest of drawers as their impact is more than the tiny showpieces. However, size variety adds a different visual perception.

4. Use pretty baskets and rest your keys, wallets, watch there. This will give practicality alongside grace.

Clear the purpose of getting a chest of drawers before shopping it. If using it for a practical purpose is your call; make sure you focus more on the storage space of the unit. However, the myriad of options can serve the best of both worlds, i.e. character and storage. No matter what you choose, make a wise decision. The home furnishing-piece an ideal choice to break the monotonous mood of your home. Explore Wooden Street to find latest patterns of the wooden chest of drawers.

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