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Lifestyle Hacks: Tips and Tricks for easy organisation of your wardrobe

  • 2017/02/03
  • 288
Lifestyle Hacks: Tips and Tricks for easy organisation of your wardrobe

A disorganised wardrobe is a nightmare. We're are no strangers to the struggles that come with a cluttered wardrobe. And how naïve we were to assume that buying a new , spacious, and beautifulwooden wardrobe with ample and smart storage solutions would resolve our early morning bouts with chaos. Chaos containment is a two-step process. While buying an extensive wardrobe indeed takes us one big step closer to the solution, properly arranging your stuff in a wardrobe is the other huge step.

A well-arranged wardrobe is a godsend. It saves all the time that you'd have otherwise spent in sifting through your clothes before you decide what outfit to wear. So, if you're looking forward to organising your wardrobe but don’t know where to begin, here are a few tricks to guide you through the seemingly complex procedure:

1) Sort and segregate your stuff. Empty your wardrobe and then sort through your clothes, dividing them into various categories, based on their usage and requirements. Make separate piles for office wear, casual wear, evening dresses, gym clothes, so on and so forth.

2) Do away and donate with everything that you don't need or want. This includes the clothes and accessories that you haven't worn in the last one year, or which no longer fit you, nor hold any emotional importance for you. This surely is, easier said than done, but remember parting with unnecessary items is crucial for decluttering.

3) Hanging clothes space a lot of space and also gives a clear visual access to your belongings. So, hang all the clothes that you wear quite often and seasonal garments. Also, add hooks and pegs to create even more space. You may even get an additional hanger rail installed to literally, double up your hanging space.

4) While stacking clothes into shelves, make sure that you keep the most frequently worn outfits at eye level, followed by occasionally worn apparels. Stuff the clothes that you rarely wear in high-up shelves.wooden wardrobe online

5) Make proper, long-term arrangements for out-of-season clothes. If your wooden wardrobe has provisions of large deep shelves or high-up sections, utilise them to tuck away neatly all that you won't need for the on-going season. In the case of small closets, store off-season clothes separately, like in under-bed storage area or suitcases.

6) While arranging clothes in drawers, stock them vertically instead of horizontally. This won’t just save space, but also give you a better view of the contents of your drawer.

7) Use shelf dividers and separators to make small compartments within your wardrobe, to keep your folded clothes neatly stacked.

8) Avoid piling clothes in large heaps. Because if piled too high, pulling out an outfit lying at the bottom will tumble the whole lot, leaving your wardrobe as untidy as ever.

9) If your wardrobe or closet doesn't have enough sections and divisions like drawers, use can baskets, storage bins, cubbies, even shoe boxes to compartmentalise the space available at your disposal.

10) Color-coordination makes organising your wardrobe much easier. You can pile similar coloured outfits together. Or you may use same coloured hangers for a particular category of clothes. Possibilities are endless.

11) Make your wardrobe visually appealing by hanging inside your jewellery, scarves, etc., so long as they don't come in your way. You may also hang your scarves from a hanger, directly or by using shower rings.

So, those were some pointers to help you accomplish your mission of efficient wardrobe organisation. But if your wardrobe still fails to accommodate all your belongings, apart from an active management scheme, you also need a spacious new, preferably wooden, wardrobe. With the various online portals from where you can buy wooden wardrobes online, which are spacious as well as stylish, and very reasonably priced, even this task is a no-brainer.

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