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Looking For A Single-Bed? Read This First...

  • 2017/05/17
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 Looking For A Single-Bed? Read This First...

What does comfort mean to you? For some it may be music, for others, it may be a leisurely beach day. But, for most of us, it is our bed. Falling into oblivion allows escaping from worries for a while. What would be better if your bed is a comforting masterpiece that meets up all your requirements apart from giving a satisfying sleep! Undoubtedly, a house is incomplete without beds. A comfortable bed is a former requirement for all the members. But today, when space is a major constraint, every room of your apartment can't afford to have a queen- sized master bed. Certainly, some of your rooms can be elaborated with a single bed. But, before you shop for an ideal single bed for your home, you should not forget to take over in your mind the following features that turn a usual single bed into a privileged furniture piece:

1.More Spacious than traditional style single bed:

A picture of a small narrow bed may crop up in most of the people's minds when they hear of a single bed. If you are amongst them, then you need to get your facts clear as the modern style furniture is getting updated every day as per the need of the hour.

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Various studies reveal that the average height and weight of teenagers have increased in past twelve years. Normal height of an adolescent boy is 5'11. The present- day single beds are longer and wider in size as compares to the traditional single beds which allow kids, adolescents as well as adults to lay comfortably.

2.Storage feature:

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Apart from offering you a wide space to sleep, the trendy single beds come with aplenty storage space. It becomes a prominent feature when space is a constraint. You don't need to find a different shelter for your blanket and extra pillows when you have sufficient storage underneath your bed. The lever mechanism makes it easy to pull out the drawers, making it accessible for children too.

Apart from this, many single beds have shelves on the headboard, making the design more lucrative as well as providing space which can be used to store alarm clocks, daily medicines or some symbolised articles.

3.A Surprise Extra-Space:

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Single- beds, nowadays, are also available with a trundle underneath. This exclusive feature allows you to double the seating space whenever required. If you are prone to frequent guest visits than trundle bed is a hotshot choice. The trundle can be pulled out easily whenever required and can be moved back when not in use.

4.A Fine Upholstery:

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Besides offering you a sleep retreat, the contemporary single beds make your seating more pleasurable by offering a solid upholstery. You can now sit comfortably on your single bed and make your reading a more pleasurable experience.


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It might become a bothersome task to move your queen sized beds while renovating or shifting your apartment. But this is not the case with single beds when you have castors attached to it. The wheeling mechanism makes it easy to relocate your single bed, giving you a convenient option to place your bed wherever you want.

An ordinary single bed with these fancy features can become a prominent asset for your house. Such a bed can not only be kept in a teenager's room but also in the living room as its functionality will benefit you with extra space features, adding on to the grace of the area. You don't need to rush to the market to get these exclusive designs as you can browse some amazing designs online on WoodenStreet. You can even get your bed customised as per your need on WoodenStreet. Hope you had a great time reading this. Happy Summers!!

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