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Makeshift Furniture For An Outdoor Garden Party

  • 2017/12/08
  • 424
Makeshift Furniture For An Outdoor Garden Party

Owning a place with an open space is an immeasurable blessing. Be it the stylish front garden, or a suave backyard, these spaces are the instant cure to all kinds of mental disruptions in your life. As you come back home every day, a well-kept garden makes the journey from the front gate to the porch worth it. It’s your go-to space to read newspapers and have quality time with your loved ones. But there can be more to your garden than just being a place for you to sit and relax.

With the festive season around the corner and party planning thick in the air, give your garden a makeover and activate this passive corner of your home. Throw a party out in the open, under the stars.

Read to find out how you already own everything you need for this.

1. Table to serve food and beverage

The one thing you actually should invest in, is owning a table especially for your garden. This can come in handy, not just for parties but also on weekends, when you can reconnect with your family over an outdoor brunch. Wooden Street offers a selection of dining tables just right for this purpose. We offer extendable tables like Feller Dining Table with storage space or Tim Extendable Dining Table, both, absolutely suitable.

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If you are a party lover and organize frequent get-togethers, it would be wise to get a customized table suitable for your outdoors.

2. The seating arrangement

2.1) Dining Chairs for two seaters

Any party, worth its fun, has proper seating arrangements. Well, like we promised, you have everything you need. Cautiously carry your Dining Chairs out, arrange them in pairs spread throughout your garden. Chairs with dining sets, like Adolph Dining Set, Cambrey Dining Set or Mcbeth Storage Dining Set would elegantly help you.

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The Franco Extendable 6-Seater Dining Set stands out amongst our best-sellers. With Tim Extendable dining table in the center and Sophie Dining Chairs with Fabric, it serves as the epitome of classy multi-utility furniture.

2.2) Close-Knit spaces for Four

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Sparsely create spaces to seat four people. Arrange your easy-to-carry metal chairs, like Ahora Orange Iron Chair into groups of four. In these spaces you might need something in the center. Bring your stools and ottomans out. Cover them with stain-resistant fabrics and, voila, your seating space is ready.

2.3) Use your swing

Buy Wooden Swing Online in India

Swings in your porch or gardens can be excellent conversation propellers. Decorate your swing with fairy lights and set up a bench across the swing to initiate warm friendly talks. Adolph Bench is perhaps unrivalled in this category as it goes with any furniture, be it indoor or outdoor.

3.) Benches- Your Ultimate Savior

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3.1) Benches as tables to serve food

In case you don’t have space to serve your food over, drag your bench out, and cover it with a plastic spill-proof sheet to serve as a table.

3.2) Benches as seating solutions

In case you have a problem with the seating space, place your bench across two chairs and see this simplistic solution lend you a 5-seater space.

4 Anything from the trolley!

Buy Bar Trolly Online in India

Believe us, your kitchen trolleys are the most versatile pieces of furniture. From helping you sort stuff in kitchen to being the perfect add-on for your dining table, kitchen trolleys are a home-maker’s best friend. You can use them to serve second helpings around the garden and get praised for being an attentive host.

5 Final Tips

1. Use your planters and decorate them with glow-in-the-dark sticks.

2. Buy cheap and easily available paper frills and paper buntings from your local craft store. Go overboard!

3. Winters clearly demand that you set up space for barbecue. This corner is guaranteed to be the life of the party.

We hope you throw a party with these ideas and your party is the one people talk about till the next festive season and more.

Here’s to happiness and joy!

To party and celebrations, ahoy!

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