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Making A Home Office - Using Small Spaces Like A Pro

  • 2018/02/22
  • 241
Making A Home Office - Using Small Spaces Like A Pro

In a dilemma on what to do with that compact space in your home? Does that creepy corner sitting useless in your house give you the décor nightmares? Worry not! We have the perfect solution to all your fretting and anxious thumb-twiddling. See, the one thing that you end up needing the most in any home is a home office. The only problem with this clever scheme is the lack of scheme! People generally don’t allot a separate dedicated room to a home-office.

Why Home Office?

Psychologists say that you need a separate space to segregate your work life from your home life. This distance ensures that you don’t end up merging your professional life with all the spheres of your personal life. A home-office ensures that, on those days where you do have to carry work home, the fine line between both of your worlds is maintained.

How Do I Create a Home Office?

The answer to this question is the reason why this blog exists. Read on to solve your mystery.

Deck your Walls. Aye, Aye, Captain!

Plain walls with nothing to stare at are awfully boring. You need to fuel yourself with positivity in order to work from home, and so, you should let your walls do this measly task for you. Paint the wall you’ll be facing with a vibrant yet soothing colour. Add decals and framed inspirational quotes to keep you pushing your limits.


The walls are inspiring and the chairs add character to this small store in the dining room. We especially love the yellow toys on the shelf. They do say, “keep the child in you alive”, don’t they?


Why not shelf it?

The corner or the portion of the room that you’ve chosen to set up camp has to be secluded, away from the disturbances of your daily life, where you can work in peace without any distraction. Use the walls in your favour. Buy a wall shelf or a beautiful bookshelf with drawers, like our Hammons Bookshelf to add colours, or Javier Bookshelves to enhance the usage out of the space.


We are going crazy over this shelving style! The office looks very chic. It looks more of ‘work under progress’. Our suggestion, add a dash of greenery and a pint of some classy colours and this will be a dreamscape of a work station.


Desks That Get Tasks Done

An easy to access desk, that you can put your laptop over and a notepad to keep notes on, is a definite must. You also need space to keep that pen-stand your daughter gifted you on your last birthday. For this simple, conventional designs of tables, like our Jerome Adjustable Study Table or Travis Study Table will be appropriate.


Making most of corners. This is the perfect example of a small office that we can think of. The only addition it needs is probably a small wall shelf for easy accessibility to important documents.


Get some life!

We don’t mean it as an insult. You gotta do what you gotta do! But, do get some life, literally. Bring flowers and indoor plants for a healthy working environment and a cheery mood.


Changing the way your living room works. The shiny rotating chair, the palm plant and the flowers on the desk add positivity to the space.


The Desk Essentials

Apart from that pen stand that has the pride-of-the-place spot on your desk, you need a calendar and a small desk clock to increase your ability to meet deadlines. You can buy a table lamp and paper holders for an easy access and a desk free of clutter created by loose papers.


We love the creative use of the space and how it connects with the backyard and lets the green inspiration flowing. The magic those little green specks, in the form of indoor plants, do is indescribable!


The Flair of a Good Chair

The chair that you choose has to be more than a pretty piece that’s just eating up space. It has to lend you the comfort and a proper posture for long working hours if the need arises. There are so many designs available and so many varieties of chairs, that you can happily say bye-bye to boring useless chairs. Say hello to upholstered chairs that give you the maximum comfort possible. Browse our selection of chairs, and if you want, you can get your own custom-made chair.


The use of a rocking chair as an office chair is stealing our hearts and giving us major décor goals. The wicker paper basket that matches with the design of the chair gives beautiful earthy tones to the office.


So, you see, home offices are not that hard to create. You don’t even need hefty furniture units that hinder your productivity. You just need to make correct investments in the right directions to transform your creepy corners into creative corners.

We hope this blog gave you ideas to create your own home office, as efficiently as, you handle everything else. Do share your experiences of decorating your own home office!

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