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Managing Magazines: A Perfect Library

  • 2017/11/28
  • 236
Managing Magazines: A Perfect Library

Any professional institution, worth its salt, is judged by the number of books, journals and magazines present in its library.

Cataloguing magazines, articles, papers, journals and newspapers is every librarian’s worst nightmare. These things get unorganized so fast that it is essential to categorize them into specified, labelled sections chronologically.

Manual work that the staff puts in for this, can be aided by the employers if they provide the appropriate racks to order the magazines and journals into.

Wooden Street presents the five magazine racks that will add glory to your highly embellished library.

Read to find out how you can use each to attract more readers into your premises.

1. Sonja Magazine Rack

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Use this magazine rack for genre specified categorization of the magazines. Erect as many racks as the availability of genres of the magazines in your library, be it – Science, Travel, Tech, Decor, Home and Living, Comics, Food or Fashion. Label the racks and organize the magazines chronologically in separate sections. This inviting corner is now all set to attract readers.

2. Glace Magazine Rack

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For those magazines that are hard to put into categories, because they have such varied topics discussed in them, a separate and dedicated corner will help you keep your magazine collection systemized. Such an eclectic mix of magazines can be categorized easily with the help of Glace Magazine Rack. It has a sleek, welcoming look and shelves that will help you display the magazines for perusal and browsing.

3. Alder Magazine Rack

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This all-purpose magazine rack is typical of a library. It can be used to display magazines, journals and everything published under this variety. But it will be wise to display your collection of newspapers in it. Every row can be used to categorize the variety of newspapers that your institution subscribes. The entire rack can be used to display the events of the current week, the last row starring the latest.

Librarians can attract the readers by displaying that section of the newspaper, which articulates the important or interesting events for the date.

4. Incana Magazine Rack

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For scholarly articles, journals and your institution’s healthy habit of seeking and recording original documentation, applauses are due. But then, it is absolutely essential that these priceless documents find their way in a specialized section of your library.

This section has to be easily accessible, yet guarded in a sense that no ordinary reader looking for a light reading experience pulls them through. Evidently, scholarly documentations have a target audience which can be segregated using multiple Incana magazine racks hung over behind the librarian.

5. Trif Magazine Rack

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Papers and Abstracts, that are essential for research and in-depth study of any topic, add stars to the quality of library your institution has built after all these years of its establishment. These guide any researcher in pursuit of knowledge, towards the right path.

But many of the people who browse a library, are not inclined towards such heavy reading when everything is available at one click. Therefore, you need to capture the interest of your visitors. An inviting rack like Trif magazine rack, and proper shelving goes a long way in aiding this.

A library’s charm is three quarters its books and one quarter the organization of these books. A good institution banks upon both of the factors to make an impeccable library-yielding enthusiasm amongst its visitors.

We hope Wooden Street helped you garner ideas about an appealing library. Let us know your feedback to our selection of magazine racks and share pictures if you implement our ideas.

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