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A bed without a comfortable mattress is like a body without soul. And Penguin mattress takes this very seriously, providing innovative ultra-comfort and orthopedic mattress online at Wooden Street in a wide range that cater to your sleeping patterns. All you need to do is fall asleep, and our comfortable and relaxing mattress will give you a sound night sleep!

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Bid adieu to sleepless nights! From comfort to hygiene, we have put them all in one mattress to meet different body needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the sizes of ultra comfort and ortho memory mattress?

The standard size of ultra comfort and ortho-memory mattress on our store are as follows:
King size mattress: 78L x 72W, Queen size mattress: 78L x 60W, Single size mattress: 78L x 36W

What is the difference between ultra comfort and ortho- memory mattress?

Ultra comfort mattress conforms to the curves of the person’s body while ortho-memory mattress is built to support your body structure, and also improves posture. In addition to that, both of them helps in keeping the spine aligned.

Which is the right mattress for back and shoulder pain?

Ortho-memory mattress is the right option in case of back and shoulder pain.

What are ultra comfort mattress good for?

Ultra comfort mattress helps in reducing the pressure points up to 80% and balance the body weight evenly. Besides this, the ultra comfort mattress is hypoallergenic which keeps the allergies away.

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Buy Mattress Online for Relaxing Sleep

Buy orthopaedic mattress online from Wooden Street's large range of premium and comfortable mattresses online and feel happy, energetic, fresh and sleep with ease. To renovate your skin cells during night sleep, you'd need the ultra-comfort mattress. It is believed that a person’s face is always glowing when he spends his night very well in a comfortable mattress as skin cells are renovated in the night-time sleep, then why not to go for an ultra-comfortable mattresses online that keeps you young, beautiful and provides sound sleep.

Whether it's about different mattress size like king size, queen size or a single/double bed mattress, we use quality material like memory foam, ortho-memory, orthopaedic mattress etc. you will get the comfiest and luxurious range of mattresses in India here at Wooden Street. Have a look at the perfect bed-der half for your bed!! You can buy mattress online according to your budget and choice of material.

How to Choose Comfortable Mattress Online that Makes Right Purchase

Buy mattress online in India from Wooden Street, because we have got filters according to material, thickness, size and dimensions. If you're getting up with backaches every time you wake up, then it's the right time to get a brand new penguin bed mattress for yourself. And, Wooden Street provides different types of luxury and comfortable foam mattresses which are listed below:

  1. According to Size: Browse our collection of comfortable King size, Queen size, Single bed, and Double bed mattresses available online at a reasonable price. Decide which you like the most.
  2. According to thickness: These mattress are available in different thickness which includes 5 and 6 inches respectively. Choose according to the size of your bed and if you are not sure about the size then, you can get in touch with our customer representative available 24*7. They will guide you through our selection of best mattresses.
  3. Other factors: Other factors of mattress can be different - price range, dimensions, colour, and different types of foam material.

Buy Ultra-comfort Mattress Online from Vivid Range at Wooden Street

1. Buy King Size Mattress :

King size mattress online is the best for your king size bed; these get to fit perfectly on the bed without any gaps or another difficulty. They are basically for those, who want extremely comfortable and fully relaxed sleeping environment. King size mattress provides enough space to sleep comfortably. This can occupy 1 to 4 people, so if you have kids keep them close to yourself as ample space and utmost relaxation is what it is known for!!

2. Buy Queen Size Mattress :

These are one of the standard sizes which are the most popular one, and Wooden Street has the wide range of queen size mattress online. It is not only for the couples but it can be used by a single person, who wants a relaxing sleep on any side of the bed. People who can’t adjust in a compact size and doesn’t want to spend the whole night in turning and twisting, queen size mattress can be perfect for them. You can sleep like a queen on this spacious and comfortable mattress without any difficulty.

3. Single Bed Mattress :

It is perfect for the bachelors or kids to sleep all cozy and comfortable. The single bed mattress have extensive use and are perfect for the divans or for a fully grown adult, beds for the guest room and kids. A sleek and comfortable mattress increases the value of divan and increases the beauty of your room interior as well. Enhance the beauty of the divan by purchasing the premium mattress online from Wooden Street.

Buy Mattress Online in India : Single Entity For Infinite Comfort

The single bed mattress online in India are one of the most demanding and useful. It can be used in different places and for different purposes.

Mattresses are important bedding accessory, and without this, there is no value of a bed. These comfortable mattress can be used on any beds like single bed, double bed, king size bed, and queen sized beds, on the floor and wherever you want as these are versatile and have a standard size that can be adjusted anywhere in the home. The single bed mattresses are one of the most useful mattresses out there.

These mattress come in different thickness, different materials and have different quilting techniques. These are available in different fabrics and foam materials. The filling materials come in a variety, which decides the fluffiness and softness of the mattresses.

Single bed mattresses come in variety like soft foam, soft memory foam, latex, cotton, pocket coil or spring and have much variety to make you feel comfortable all the time.

  1. Natural Cotton Fiber Bed Mattresses: These have natural cotton fibre are fluffier and stronger than other materials. The natural cotton fibre is re-usable, environment-friendly, perfectly adjust according to the body and gives us utmost comfort. The natural fibre makes the single bed mattress lightweight but strong and can be re-quilted and clean easily with the re-quilting machine. These mattresses come in different thickness, a different type of outer material or cover and different quilting techniques.
  2. Spring or pocket coil bed: This type of single bed mattress has a different type of filling material, of giving it a unique feel to make you comfortable. In this filling material, the small coils or springs surrounded by the foam in an organized way. The coils give mattress flexibility. When we sit on it, we can feel comfortable. These are slightly heavier than the other type of mattresses, but these have the utmost flexibility to get the extreme comfortable sleep.
  3. Soft Foam Bed Mattresses: This material gives quality to the single bed mattresses. This material has utmost firmness; these give our body the utmost comfort and shape while we sleep or sit on it. The soft foam has the cooling quality to make the sleep comfortable and calm. These are fluffiest and softest filling material so that you can get relaxing sleep while you are sleeping. These single bed mattresses serve you longer and give you utmost comfort.
  4. Coir Bed Mattresses: This is the natural filling material for giving you comfort. The coir gives sturdiness and durability. These mattress have strong material filled in it. This material is comfortable and covered with the thin layer of the foam. This foam and coir combination makes the mattress softer and stronger at the same time.
  5. Soft memory foam single bed mattresses: This filling material for a single bed is invented by the scientist for spacecraft and later it is used for air-crafts and plains. This material adapts the body shape of the person and gives the quality sleep like a mother's lap. This material of mattress online is perfect for every age people from children to old people.

There are lots of variety available in mattress, so here below the article, you can explore the different types of mattresses online. You can buy mattress online in India from Wooden Street and get free shipping in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Noida or Across India.

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buy bed mattresses online india
The ultra-comfort bed mattress from WoodenStreet is truly amazing. It’s neither too soft nor hard. The comfort provided by this is amazing. Little late with the delivery but felt happy after getting the ones. Thank you WoodenStreet
Anjali Sharma Bangalore
comfy mattress for back pain
It was an incredibly satisfying experience with Wooden Street wherein I received this amazing and super comfortable mattress within time, and the product was more than what I expected. This was the first time I ordered online from Wooden Street. I am happy with the product. Loved your service !! Thank you so much, WS !!
Utkarsh Ahuja Mumbai
cheap double bed mattress price
I found Penguin Motif 5 Inch mattress very comfortable. My kids sleep peacefully on it now, without tossing and turning too much. I guess my kids love it more than I do. As claimed, it's excellent indeed. It is reasonably priced as compared to the market and has excellent quality and finish. I am thankful to Wooden Street for providing this amazing product.
Aachal Jain Bangalore
Buy Mattresses online India
This is the first time that I bought from Woodenstreet, and it's absolutely worth it. It is the best option when you have budget issues. This is worth the time, money and effort I had made to buy this product. Completely satisfied with the product. Thank you so much, WS Team !!
Vishaka Mehta Bangalore
spring mattress online shopping
The overall experience was good, this bed mattress took a longer time to ship and deliver but I am happy with the product and service. I would definitely recommend my friends buying through Wooden Street. The quality is up to mark. I am happy with Wooden Street's service. Thank you so much, guys !!
Avdit Mehra New Delhi
bed mattress online at cheap price
I was able to find the best on Wooden Street and instantly booked it. The shipment was delivered within the mentioned timelines. The quality mattress is made of high-quality coir and offers excellent comfort. The size is also perfect for my queen size bed in the bedroom. It was within my budget. Well, I conclude that I am delighted with the quality, service, and the awe-inspiring price offered by the Wooden Street.
Priyanka Gupta Pune
comfy bed mattress online
I had ordered a mattress for a king sized bed from Wooden Street and I am highly satisfied with it. It is so much comfortable to sleep upon and easy to clean as well. Happy customer I must say.
Sujata Ahuja Delhi
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