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Whether you wish to broaden the visuals of the interiors or want to take a quick look at yourself before heading out, decorative mirror designs are an ideal decor that can offer many visual miracles to your space. Bedroom mirrors online are available in numerous shapes and designs, so one can curate fascinating looks for their interiors the way they desire! Scroll down to explore our wide collection of full length mirror & wall hanging mirror designs and bring home an artsy masterpiece.


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Your feedback is valuable to us. Please share more details about your experience, so we can help improve WoodenStreet for everyone.
Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
What Factors to Consider While Buying a Mirror Online?

There are three important factors mainly to consider while buying a mirror online: quality, thickness, and frame. The quality and thickness of the mirror design should be of top quality with a sturdy frame to guarantee its long-lasting durability. At WoodenStreet, one can purchase a decorative mirror with all these factors.

In What Material Decorative Mirrors Are Available on WoodenStreet?

At WoodenStreet, one can discover various decorative mirrors in 5 materials: Sheesham Wood, Mango Wood, Metal, MDF Wood, and Mild Steel.

What Are the Different Types of Mirrors Online?

The different types of mirrors online available are circularly carved, tall carved, full length mirrors, bohemian mirrors, wall-mounted mirrors, decorative wall mirrors, etc.

Which Mirror Is Best for the Bathroom?

A mirror with storage would be the best mirror for the bathroom, as you can store all your toiletries in it easily. At WoodenStreet, explore versatile decorative mirror designs for optimal utility. Some of the best example of the same is : Walken wall mounted mini storage mirror

How Much Does a Decorative Mirror Cost?

At WoodenStreet, one can discover a wide range of decorative mirror designs starting from as affordable as rs 1294 to as luxurious as rs 29999

Which Material Is Used to Make Decorative Mirrors?

The most common material used for mirrors online is glass. The transparency, ease of creation, rigidity, and capacity to take a smooth finish makes glass the best material for decorative mirror making.

How Do I Choose a Decorative Mirror for My Home?

Shape, Place and Reflection. Before buying a decorative mirror first decide what shape or design of mirror would look best in your space, and where are you planning to place it. After deciding on these two factors, check what is the mirror reflects from different angles. Make sure to place decorative pieces around it to highlight those visuals.

Where Should You Not Put a Decorative Mirror?

Do not hang decorative mirrors across clutter. You want your mirrors to reflect light and appealing parts of your space instead of highlighting your mess.

Where Should a Mirror Be Placed in a Living Room?

Placing a mirror opposite a window would be a great way to reflect a glistening beam of natural light in your living room. Or one can place the mirror online in a way where it reflects the most alluring parts of the living room.

Customer Stories
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Decorative Mirror Online in India View Product
I really loved the pattern and color of the full-length mirror, it looks exciting on my boring bedroom wall. It filled my wall and now I don’t need any other display item to decorate my wall. Amazing finish!

Mark Begg SE20 7JB

Decorative Mirror Design Online in BangaloreView Product
Never get to see such sets can improve the decoration of my living. The packaging of the decorative mirror received was so good, doesn’t find any scratch on the mirror. Great product, value for money.

Ritabrata Saha Bangalore

Decorative Mirror Design Online in HyderbadView Product
I installed the mirror in my bathroom, as the storage unit behind the mirror impresses me a lot, such a functional design. Awesome collection available, keep it up wooden street.

Naveen U Hyderbad

Decorative Mirror Design Online in India at Lowest PricesView Product
Beautiful decorative mirror for my entrance, I used to check my face before leaving, it also has hooks to hang keys. Now I never forget my keys. A good one for last minute touch up!

Shubham Jain Faridabad

Decorative Mirror Design Online in India at Lowest PricesView Product
The metal quality of the mirror is good, nice shiny texture of the decorative mirror looks good in my lobby area. I choose this mirror so that it will never get outdated. Such a timeless design. Will look to shop again!

Aariv Enterprises Nagpur

Decorative Mirror Design Online in India at Lowest PricesView Product
The frame of the mirror is amazing and gives my dressing a rich look. Attractive mirror for my bedroom, I use it to get ready for my work. Doesn’t consume any space!

Pooja Chopra Indore

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