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Mistakes To Avoid While Refurbishing Your Home

  • 2017/10/10
  • 190
Mistakes To Avoid While Refurbishing Your Home

Home with tasteful décor looks good, when it looks good we feel happier. This is the time of the year when everyone is trying to decorate their homes by buying new stuff or rearranging the existing ones. Arranging furniture for your home is a daunting as well as an exciting task. But would you believe if we say that refurbishing your home will not cost you too much this festival season and your home will look organized as well as pleasing to the eyes? Yes, it’s truly not a tough call. So, roll up your sleeves to make your home as good as new. Just avoid the mistakes mentioned below while designing the interior to make it more inviting and appealing.

Avoid Uninviting Entrance

Entrance is the first and the last place your guest will notice in your house. A well designed and arranged entrance helps you in welcoming your friends and family and showcasing your home in style. Believe it or not, the entrance is the easiest part of your home to arrange and decorate, but is overlooked most of the time. Though, it is difficult to decorate the place which receives most traffic, but it is not an impossible task to make it clutter-free and organized. Keep it clean, minimal and well organized. Hang a beautiful piece of artwork or chandelier to make it more inviting. A beautiful area rug on the entrance makes the path from public to your private world more welcoming.

Pushing Furniture up Against the Wall

Do not place all your furniture up against wall. Distancing your furniture from the wall will make your space more intimate and create a better sense of balance. The size of the room could be varied, but remembering this essential point helps you to create a breathing space around you.

Living room is, undoubtedly, the heart of your home; if you want to make your living room more inviting and cozy distance your sofa from wall. The space between the wall and the sofa needs to be 12 inches but if your living room is not that big then try to make a little space between the sofa and the wall to see the magic. Re-arranging furniture like this not only kills the dead space in the middle but also give you the space you didn’t know you actually had before.

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Never Underestimate the Focal point of a Room

Focal point can be defined as the heart of the room. Creating a focal point means the most appealing place in the room where you want everyone’s eyes to land first while entering; it could be a window with a view, fireplace and a table or a chest drawer with a beautiful sculpture, vase or a piece of artwork on it. But what we need to concentrate on here is the numbers of focal points. Having too many focal points in a small room makes it visually cluttered and confusing to the eyes.

A room can have one main focal point with a couple of secondary focal points (for big spaces like living rooms).

Underestimating and not taking advantage of the focal points is a major mistake, which you must avoid. Focal points could be natural like a window, a sliding door, or fixed like a fireplace, a piece of artwork, etc. Focal points give our eyes an area to rest.If there is a window, let the light in; feel the freshness with the sliding door, which opens to a beautiful outdoor view. You can also create fixed focal points with a bookshelf showcasing your favorite reads or an aesthetically attractive art work making the space more appealing.

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Don’t Ignore the importance of Layering of Lights

Light is the most complex element of any room. Bad lighting can ruin the space, so, be careful while choosing lights. If you want to add proper lighting in your room, think in layers. Use an appropriate mix of ambient, task and accent lights to create the perfect ambience. Each of them meets a different need. Ambient light provides a room with overall illumination, task lighting directs light to certain work zones, and accent lights highlight specific areas. Too many people make mistakes by expecting one kind of light to do the work of others. While planning layers of lighting of any room, consider ambient light first and then consider task and accent lights.

Layering lights emphasizes different aspects for different purposes. It helps you to bring home life and stamp your personality to the interior. Most importantly, don’t forget to take into account the natural light so as to feel the freshness.

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Go large with Rugs

Rugs act like an artwork for the floor. They provide comfort, pattern and texture to the space. Rugs provide a visual frame to place furniture. Using a small area rug in a big room will make the place look disjoint and small. Make sure that all your furniture should be sitting on the top of the rug. Undoubtedly, rugs flow underneath your furniture, giving the room a luxurious feel. If a large area rug is expensive, make sure that the first two legs of your major furniture piece lie on the rugs, while the back legs can be off.

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So, if you are making any of this furniture arranging mistakes, now is the time to fix them. It won’t take much money for refurbishing your interior!

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