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Mix And Match With The Mighty Mckellen

  • 2018/01/09
  • 360
Mix And Match With The Mighty Mckellen

Sofas come in many flavours. From your simple run-of-the-mill variety to those extravagant, baroque pieces that we all love but can’t really afford. Thankfully, just like the Unix and Linux systems, there is more than what meets the eyes. Experimenting with different tastes, just to bring out something different, is the bedrock of today’s innovation. And when it comes to playing with designs, modularizing and compartmentalizing a furniture unit, so that it can have many uses, has become a hot topic, just like that new firebolt.

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A Simple Living Room – Not graced by the best.

Let’s face it, we all are bored from the garden variety of the sofas. Enough of those chesterfields, those plain boring wooden sofas that just sit there like they have nothing better to do, yet maintain that façade as if they are the focal points of the living room. The nerve of them! In these modern times, we need something that can cause ripples, something that can become the Earthshaker of our world. Something that can be the Millenium Falcon of our era.

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Plain Old

Pop a champagne bottle, or a chardonnay, because Wooden Street has the right thing for you. A sofa so hip that it will outgun all your coolness, and your hips will never lie. The Mckellen L Shaped sofa takes the top billing in our list of innovations. Why, you ask? Take a gander at this thing of beauty, which will definitely be a joy forever:

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Mckellen makes the cut

Mckellen – Under the Magnifying Glass

Let’s begin talking about the first thing that one notices, the upholstery of your beloved sofa. Mckellen has been crafted with the finest, water-repellent cotton blend fabric, and comes in the richest of visually appealing hues. The red or the blue coloured sofas accented by striped candy and cream blossom covered cushions, or neutral colours, like Ivory, accented with geometrical patterns, like chevron patterned cushions, create a captivating ambience in your living room.

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The Red Queen

Further scrutinising the design gives us a peek into the alignments of the sofa. Mckellen comes in two varieties, a Left Aligned one, and a Right Aligned one. Depending upon the corner, which you want to grace with Mckellen, you can choose the perfectly aligned sofa for your living room, which won’t be at odds with the geometry of your home.

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Left Arm Mckellen

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Right Arm Mckellen

Play the Perfect Picture Puzzle

Mckellen’s strength lies in the fact that it has the tendency to surprise its users with its dynamic design that can be used to reflect their mood and the requirements of their room. Dobby won’t help you though, and neither will Kreacher. You’ll have to run the cogs of your steampunk brain by yourself and figure out what type of arrangement suits the nature of your get-togethers.

  • Of Pyjamas and Parties

Sleepovers are useless if you do not own an extra set of beds to accommodate your guests. But, it is not feasible for everyone to own more beds than required. One has to be frugal with their spending. So, we look for furniture that can kill two birds with one stone, like sofa-cum-beds. The dynamism of Mckellen makes it the life of the party as it can instantly be converted into a bed. Won’t that be useful? Take a Peek

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The Peak of Comfort

  • Of Chats and Mugs: When friends hold their conclaves to discuss matters of life and death, in their own zones, of course, they look for spaces that allow them to discuss these topics without singling out anyone. Mckellen comes to the rescue here, as you can arrange it can be arranged in a U-shape, of sorts, to create a close-knit space for those thick-as-thieves friends.


The Chat Station

  • Of Corners and Confidants: The default arrangement of the Mckellen offers an L-shaped structure, fit for small, compact spaces and the corners in your living rooms. The shape of Mckellen makes the best use of your corners, not only filling that void in your room but also providing you with a lovely seating space.


Doing what it does best

In the end, Mckellen is open to your interpretations. It’s like an open-ended story, that you can craft your way, defining what you like and what you don’t. You don’t get this kind of flexibility with other kinds of sofas, and that’s exactly what makes Mckellen unique.

Bring one home and see the Magic of Mckellen.

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