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More profits And fewer losses Equals A quintessential sofa cum bed

  • 2016/07/19
  • 1928
More profits And fewer losses Equals A quintessential sofa cum bed

No government can undo the loss you will have to face, if you buy an alluring sofa cum bed, out of your infatuation, which has weak joints, loose springs, and uncomfortable seating. Therefore, it is better to take measures before, than repenting about the losses incurred later. Money and space are the two most important considerations that one has taken, to ensure the correct purchase. But these are not all because today comfort and style are also the key features that dictate the purchase. Although each furniture item you bring home is dearest to you when it comes to buying a sofa cum bed, the expectations are doubled. This is because, this item is not only responsible for providing a lavish seating on the sofa for your guests, but it also turns into a cozy bed to provide an extra sleeping space.

A sofa cum bed is a super economical and useful furniture item that works well for both, a large room as well as a small room. It speaks of the present day style along with being a space saver at its best. But since nobody in this world in flawless or perfect, owning a sofa cum beds too, has some disadvantages. If you look at the bigger picture, there are more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, here I bring to you a list of all the benefits and disadvantages, so that you can get to know well about both the sides of the coin:


1.After an entire week of working in the office and partying on a Saturday night, Sunday morning becomes the rightly deserved self-pampering time, when most of us prefer to rest on our couch and watch movies. In the course of that time, if you fall asleep, then you do have to get up and try to reach the bed for a comfortable sleep. Because the sofa cum bed, being a conglomerate of sofa and bed, turns into a cozy bed, so that you do not have to pause your dreams.

advantages of buying sofa cum beds

2.It is like ‘buy one get one free’ kind of an offer, because on purchasing a sofa for your living room, you're adding an extra sleeping space in your home. Buying a sofa and a bed separately costs a lot which makes this deal even more unique.

3.You no more have to worry about the small apartment, if your guests are coming to stay there overnight. In fact welcome them, because you can sit and gossip on the sofa until midnight and when it is sleep time, just drag the hidden monster, i.e. the bed underneath, out.

Purchase your sofa cum bed

4.These add magnificence to your home decor, so do not hesitate to buy one. You can also choose whether you want a single bed or a double bed, and then purchase the sofa cum bed accordingly.


1.The bed underneath the sofa in a sofa cum bed can be very heavy and therefore, it becomes very difficult to pull them out. Also, all this hefty seating and sleeping is supported by the frame of this furniture item. So, you need to be extra-cautious about the material you choose for the frame.

2.Now since the come with the concept of pulling out the bed as and when needed, therefore, regular pulling and pushing weaken the joints, which is why this piece of furniture does not last for a very extended period.

very few cons of sofa cum bed

Since the number of cons is half the number of pros, therefore, it would be a correct decision to buy a sofa cum bed to add character to your home sweet home.

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