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Navratri Special – Blend The Colours Of Maa Durga In Your Home Furniture

  • 2017/09/20
  • 344
 Navratri Special – Blend The Colours Of Maa Durga In Your Home Furniture

All set to celebrate the nine days with joy and enthusiasm? Am sure you must be. “Navratri”, the festival popular for the spirit of Garba is celebrated with zeal and devotion all over the country. As we all know, the celebration is done to worship the nine holy forms of Goddess Durga and every day of Navaratri gives a significant message. The incarnations of Goddess Durga can be related to nine different colours that depict the powerful messages this auspicious festival wants to give. Well, this spirit can be related to the furniture present at your home too. Let's see how:

Day- 1

Colour – Yellow

The colour yellow symbolizes happiness and energy. The day becomes perfect to mark the beginning of the festival. Now what imparts energy to a house is a bright living room. The area where all the family members gather after a hectic schedule should be full of energy. A bright coloured sofa set can successfully do so. You can celebrate the first day of Navratri by hosting a perfect get-together on your brightly decorated sofa.

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Colour – Green

The second day of the festival celebrates peace. The day is ascertained by worshipping Goddess Brahmacharini. This incarnation is considered highly significant for meditation and eco-friendliness. Talking about your home, where else you can get the calm and satisfaction other than a calm backyard? Well, what aids in creating this soothing ambience is the correct balcony furniture. Sitting in the backyard would become much more pleasing with your favourite plant collection and a cosy garden chair.

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Colour- Grey

The colour shows balance. The form of Goddess Durga this day 'Chandraghanta' symbolizes tranquillity. A study zone in the home is perfect to reveal the balance.

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Colour – Orange

The colour orange represents energy and creativity. Celebrating this day with bright colour clothes is a good idea. Well, the sphere that generates the positive energy in the home is the pooja ghar or temple. A bright coloured temple can boost the energy every day.

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Colour- White

White is the colour of perfection and purity. Worshipping Goddess Skandamata this day has great relevance. In a home, a kitchen is considered to be a symbol of perfection and purity, and it has to be as it is the place where the daily dose of energy for all the family members is cooked. Celebrate this day by giving a shot to a new recipe in your flawless kitchen.

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Colour – Red

The colour has a great significance in India as it portends power and brightness. What else can impart brightness than a radiant lamp! Glorify your home this day with crystal lamps all over to give a joyous feel.

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Colour – Royal Blue

The day is celebrated by worshipping Goddess Kaalratri. Thus, the colour royal blue has a connotation here. For bringing in the spirit, you can embellish the bed of your room with royal blue linens.

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Colour- Pink

The eighth day of Navratri is celebrated by worshipping Goddess Gauri. Colour pink leaves a significance here as the incarnation of Goddess Gauri was seen in pink attire. Lordess Gauri loved her son Ganesha who in turn loved to surprise his mother. You can also surprise your mother this day by embellishing the beautiful chaise lounge with pink covers and offer her a comfortable settee.

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Colour- Purple

The last day of the festival is celebrated with power and luxury. The colour purple signifies the glory that Goddess Siddhidatri depicted. The purple coloured chesterfield sofa can successfully transmit the luxury. Even if you do not own one, you can decorate the existing sofas with purple colour covers.

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Let's make these nine days a bit more special by embellishing the furniture units in a colourful way.

Wooden Street wishes you a very happy and cheerful Navratri.

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