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Obligatory ways to care for your dining table set

  • 2016/08/01
  • 639
Obligatory ways to care for your dining table set

Whenever we buy a new dining table set for our homes, we feel so proud of owning it, when all our family, friends, and relatives go head over heels about it. But, we start complaining about the company or the improper lights in our home, when we find that the table has started losing its gleam. It no more shines like the way it used to. So, instead of holding anybody else responsible for the loss of shine each day, you can just make a promise to yourself about being in charge of the daily care and maintenance that your dining table set requires. Why do you ever have to let the gleam go off your table? You can clean and maintain it on the regular basis and there you are, with the ever-shining table surface.

There are many times that we invite all the clutter inside our dining room and spread it all over the dining table, but then, this is what dining table is made for. All your job is, to take care of your table in such a way that it serves you right for long, long time to come. So, read the following ways that can aid you to achieve that:

1.Dust Daily:

You might think, that what are these minuscule dust particles going to do to your giant table? But, if you continue with this negligence to the settlement of dust particles on the surface of your table, they can scratch the shine of your table. They can exceedingly form a layer of dirt and grease if exposed to moisture, and make you feel yucky about it. What you can do is, to not bother much, and use a soft cloth to wipe the dust off the table surface, every day. A wet cloth is fine too. But make it a point to do so, because after all, a hygienic platform is a must for you and your family to have your meals on!

dinig table set blog on dust clear

2.Use Mayonnaise:

Many times, we see some stubborn filthy watermarks, on the surface of the table, that are formed due to placing the tea cups and the water cups on the table. But there is no escape to that. You can, at the most, clean those marks with the help of yummy mayonnaise. Yea! Mayo helps too. In fact, just rub the mayo two to three times, and see the surface shining like always.

use of dining table set

3.Proper Placement:

If you do not want to see your dearest dining table warping and splitting, then just avoid keeping it near the fireplace. The sudden temperature rise and fall, affects severely, the quality of the wood, and decreases its size as well. And then make sure to keep the additional leaves (if any), also near the table itself so that that same temperature exposure can warp both the things in equal amounts. This way you save the symmetry.

dining table arrangements

4.Check humidity:

Generally, 40-45% humidity levels are acceptable, but more or less, can be a real pain. It can crack or swell the wood, making your dining table look ugly. It is better that you place an AC in that room so that you can use the humidifier and dehumidifier to negate the adverse situation.

5.Make it shine:

Briwax wax can do all the magic. Like it can be used to polish the surface and bring back life. Make sure you use lint free cloths to wipe the surface.

dining table wax

Follow the tips, and you will never have to regret the purchase. In fact, your table will thank you for the same!

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